Diaper bags have certainly come a long way. In the past, a diaper bag was seen as being big and bulky with areas only for storing milk and other diapering essentials. However, in a fashion forward world, parents are selecting diaper bags to not only haul the days contents, but to make a fashion statement of their own. Chances are passerby's will not even know its a diaper bag. There is certainly no shortage of styles, sizes and prices when in it comes to baby diaper bags. Diaper bags come in many different fashion forms with an assortment of solids, prints and even plaids. There are variety of styles including a diaper bag backpack, sling diaper bag, and tote diaper bag. The diaper bag backpack is quickly becoming the most popular style of diaper bag because it allows parents hands free access to the child. As far as individual baby diaper bags, some of the most popular include the Skip Hop Dash, Outside Baby Cooler Backpack and the BABYBJORN Dynamic Diaper Bag.