The last stop before the car's seat belt, a booster car seat is the final car seat the child will ever need. A booster car seat is different than its predecessors, the infant and convertible car seat. A booster seat can accept a child generally up to 80 lbs. and in some cases up to 100 lbs. Many states are passing legislation making it mandatory for a child to stay in a car booster seat till 8 years or 100 lbs. The car seat market is growing quickly and the booster seat is one of its fastest growing items. Many models of car booster seat are convertible and offer the option of removing the back of the car seat when the child hits 40 lbs. An example is the Britax Monarch. Since many convertible car seats can accommodate a child to 65 lbs., many parents prefer a booster seat which is backless. A car booster seat which is backless is extremely light and easy to move from car to car. One of the top versions of booster car seat which is backless is the Evenflo Fit Right. Other top booster car seats include the Britax Regent and the Graco TurboBooster.