New Dad By
September 12, 2006
Great product for the family travels, not great to use as a perm car seat or stoller.
recomened for anyone who travels with baby By
October 17, 2006
We bought our first sit n stroll a little over a year ago for our oldest. I am now purchasing a second for the new baby. I use ours as an everyday carseat and stroller. It is wonderful. It is akward to use at first but it is actually really simple. It really helps with a toddler who loves to use the "plank" when she doesn't want to go in her seat. It is completely avoided with this seat. I borrowed a friends on our last trip it was alot easier to push two of these side by side, then it was to push any tandem stroller I have used yet.
I get stopped all the time in the store and asked how it works, and people say how comfortable she looks in it.
I just wish I had found this sooner.
The Best Invention For Parent/Child Travel...Ever! By
November 7, 2006
My Baby is 10 months old now and we have used this product for 5 trips already. Other parents really do envy us at the airport.
Perfect for Little Travelers! By
January 16, 2008
We just got our sit n stroll for Christmas as we were traveling to Hawaii on Christms day. Our baby(8 months old) did great in the seat. We traveled on American in coach with no problems. Once there, it was perfect as her car seat. Be sure you read the manual and practice before the day of departure. I love this product and plan to use it over and over since we love to travel and want to show our little girl the world!
Great for Trips! By
February 15, 2007
The Sit 'n Stroll has been a lifesaver for me, particularly when traveling with my 18 month old son alone. I found that it does fit securely in the airline seat (American Airlines), however, you need to get a seat belt extender from the flight attendant. I agree that this should not be used as an everyday car seat or stroller, but it is definitely a good investment for traveling with little ones.
Extremely helpful for travel By
May 4, 2007
This product has been a life-saver for traveling with our daughter, now 18 months. We fly internationally a lot, and need a car seat for taxis and on arrival. It is very easy and painless to convert from seat to stroller and back again, and as a stroller it really works surprisingly well. It's also very comfortable for her - she has no problem sleeping in it for hours over overnight flights.

It's true that it doesn't always fit perfectly in the narrower plane seats: sometimes I have to raise the armrest in order to make it fit. I also always have to ask for a seat-belt extender. And in one really narrow seat, the Sit-N-Stroll didn't fit at all and I had to be reseated. However, this problem would also apply to a regular car seat carried on the plane.

I would not recommend that you use this product as your only car seat, because it's a bit time consuming to have to strap the seat into the car every time you move the child in and out. But it's incredibly helpful for traveling with a toddler - much better than schlepping a huge car seat and a stroller with you around the airport! Definitely worth the investment!
Doesnt fit securely By
September 11, 2006
We found this car seat doesnt fit into most coach airline seats. Quantas (australia) was impossible. American Airlines was awkward ... and definately unsafe.

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