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What a peaceful night's sleep By
October 5, 2009
Very pleased with this product and so glad I ordered it early in my pregnancy. I usually sleep on my back and my stomach - but of course I can't do that anymore. This pillow helps keep me on my side for the health of the baby and it is so very comfortable. My husband has already asked if he can have it after the baby comes. Thank you for a great product
Comfy but stiff/noisy By
June 25, 2013
Love the shape and size of this pillow, perfect for optimal comfort. However, it does have that stiff, "crunchiness" to it where it's not super plush, and tends to be noisy when I move around on it
Love love love it! By
March 30, 2012
I just got it, used it during my nap, and its extremely comfy! no more rolling on my back! it hugs you and makes you feel secure and comfortable! this is a must have product for all pregnant women! worth the money!
Pregnancy Pillow By
June 27, 2009
It takes up a lot of room in the bed.....But I have to compete for its use between my husband and 2-year old.
With my nightsweats it really dries fast!
August 26, 2013
My daughter loved it! She is now getting a better nights sleep :)
Great pillow By
September 6, 2010
I havent had a chance to use it very much. I did ask all my girlfriends who have had other body pillows what they thought, and they all liked it very much!
Nice chair for the price By
February 9, 2009
Really nice-looking chair and best for the price. The backrest is very comfortable, but the other padding is quite "scratchy" and hard cushions at first. They've gotten a little softer after using it for a few months. I wanted more cushion in the seat so I unstiched the back of it and stuffed it with batting then stitched it back up, which helped a lot. I wanted to add more filler to the ottoman but there's no easy way to do it without reupholstering it.

The cushions are more buttery cream color than they look in the picture. The espresso color is pretty accurate although there is a slight cherry tint to it. Not as dark as some of the blackish espresso finishes of other furniture but still looks good together.
Very comfortable pillow By
August 5, 2009
I bought this because I can't sleep laying down. I sleep in a recliner, and this pillow is wonderful. The past 2 weeks if the first that I've been able to sleep through the night no problems. I LOVE IT!
She loves it! By
May 29, 2012
My girlfriend is 22 weeks pregnant and it has been so long since she has slept all the way through the night. Thank god for this pillow! Highly recommend it to all you pregnant women out there!
Love It!! By
March 7, 2010
This pillow has helped me sleep! And i woke up so refreshed. My back, neck, and side doesn't hurt. Gives me the support i need since im pregnant. I will buy a another soon! And may buy other products from this site. Thank you!!

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