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Great solid crib! By
May 8, 2011
We love the look of it...the oak color is just as pictured. It was easy assemble and SO sturdy. The bench is adorable and also very sturdy.
Only down side-no high position for the mattress so you will have to reach down a bit to get a newborn out. I hope this doesn't put too much strain on my back. Also, because it is low profile, the little one will be able to climb out sooner.
Overall, I am VERY glad with this purchase and it is well worth the price!
It's ok... By
November 22, 2011
To start I was impressed with how quickly they got my shipment out. We are in the 1 day shipping range and did receive the dresser in one day. However, it took the crib 4 days to get here. Although I can't complain as it was free shipping. I will start with the crib and say that I like the crib. It went together pretty easily and looks very nice and came in great condition. Not a mark on it.
Next comes the dresser. This is where the nightmare starts. I was so excited to get this and get it set up as I love how it looks online. I ordered the oak set. The dresser has some nicks and chips taken out of it. Mostly on the sides and corners. Ok I can deal with that. Next comes to putting it together...OMG NIGHTMARE!!! It took several hours and be warned that the directions are incomplete. ie. you will have steps 1-4 then the next box it says "this box left intentionally blank skip to step 7." There were two pieces that the instructions literally did not tell you where they go, and there were steps that would tell you to "next install..." and we couldn't find the pieces and here they were already pre-installed. And uneven at that so the long top part of the dresser was crooked. We had to take that piece off and drill new holes to make it match the other side to make the top sit flat. Also the bars in between the three dresser drawers, the top one make the second drawer a tight fit and the bottom one sags a little so you kind of have to slam the drawer in to get it to shut. The bar between the small drawer and door is crooked (also pre-drilled). But finally after having my husband help me we finally got it together. It looks ok and will work for what we need. It is heavy and I do like the actual look of the dresser. So if you are ok with having to put alot of elbow grease into it and having it be not quite perfect then I would recommend this set. But if you are a very picky person then beware. Otherwise the price is ok especially if you can get the free shipping. Just glad that it is finally up and everything together!!!
good news and bad news By
January 10, 2012
free shipping is awesome. the dresser came in about 2 days, and the cribb came a week later. that was great! put the cribb together tonight and it was easy and hassle free. litterally took less than 20 min. looks awesome and beautiful! next we put the dresser together. OMG what a joke. when we started taking the pieces out we noticed a lot of cracks and scratches and broken edges. that was really dissapointing. and then it was so frustrating bc the directions are horrible. they tell you to put things together that are all ready assembled and then some of it they dont tell you to do and you notice things are missing and you have to take it apart to put other pieces where they should go. also had to adjust some of the lining of things. and there were eight pieces of wood missing that connect the front of the drawers to the rest of the drawers. so my brother had to come over and take some measurements and make the pieces for us. screws and all the hardwear were there. its a pretty piece but its also cheaply made. not real wood for the most part.
baby age is the BEST!!!! By
August 9, 2012
We purchased this Sarasota crib and combo set from babyage and have been very pleased! the shipping was extremely fast and free! Upon arrival and inspection we noticed many scratched or damaged parts from the rough handed delivery we had, we called baby age and hey had three options, we could return or exchange the set at no cost to us, they would send us a replacement set at no charge or replacement parts. We received the replacement parts in no time. ALSO after we purchased the set it was discounted an extra $100, I simply called babyage and they refunded the extra $100 back to my card! This company has the best customer service I have EVER had to deal with! Always friendly and helpful! By reading other website reviews on cribs I know great customer service is unusual.
Now about the crib set, I put the crib together in NO TIME by myself while my husband was at work, very easy and looks great! The dresser combo did take a while by myself but was very easy to put together, EXCEPT for the door! that was a bit difficult. Unlike other reviews I didn't have any trouble with bolts or pieces lining up, and all parts were there. THANKS BABY AGE!!!
Highly recommend! By
July 3, 2011
First, the crib took a little longer to assemble than I thought and needed two people but it looks adorable and is very good quality...super sturdy...The only negative is that there is not really room for a crib skirt but then again its a European design so they don;t use them anyway. But I went again and used a crib skirt regardless and even though it bunched up here and there, it still looks super cute! The bench was also adorable as it is tiny...like for a 2 year old toddler and probably won;t hold that many toys. Still it looks great in our music room and seats at least 2-3 toddlers. Very happy with product and I received it 24 hours after placing the order! Much better than the lead time that changed 4x from a vendor on Amazon. While Amazon was great in providing credit ASAP, i would stay away from that vendor...their name ...Cross Country Furniture.

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