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Very Nice Crib for the money! By
August 27, 2007
I bought this crib for my baby who is due anytime now. I love the way it looks! Definately compares to the more expensive cribs out there. I was also very impressed that with the ground shipping it took such little time to arrive and there were very minimal nicks in any of the wood. Unlike many of the reviews I read on different cribs, the trundle drawer is very sturdy and not falling apart at all. The only thing I would suggest to the manufacturer is to label the wood somehow to make assembly a little easier. Overall very nice product and price!
Again! Really Bad! By
January 14, 2010
You lost a customer by your poor judgement in selling me an inferior product represented as "quality". COME ON!! Did anyone open the box and look at them?? I threw $70 in the toilet. Thanks for nothing in this tough economic time. Will not be shopping your site again.
Today's Baby Sarasota Elite Convertible Crib By
May 9, 2011
Love the way the crib is made. But the drawer on sides is not painted, you can see the bare wood on the drawer and sticks out like a sore thumb. Only has one coat of paint, if barely scrated the paint comes off. Needs teething gaurd. And the side are soild and my child keeps hitting his head on it, no where to tie a bumper to it the way it's soild on the sides.
Just love them By
August 26, 2009
for always being ready to use. Cute prints, consistently excellent. Very quick shipping.
Beautiful! By
October 30, 2010
For the price of this crib, it is absolutely beautiful, made of solid wood and very expensive looking in person. It was also very easy to put together and pretty sturdy. I am very pleased with the purchase.
Beautiful crib! By
October 7, 2010
Great product for the price!!!
awsome! By
February 27, 2010
I love it. beautiful finish and easy to assemble. Very sturdy.
January 14, 2010
These should not even be called blankets. Maybe eyeglass cleaning rags, What a Joke! I already contacted you the day I received them. Horrible! Will not trust your judgement again.
Check parts for warping and allow extra time for assembly By
September 20, 2008
This crib was purchased for us as a gift. It seems to be a solid, nicely made crib, however, we've been working on Step 4 in the instructions for almost 2 weeks now. (The crib is still not completed!) When we took out the side/end panels, we discovered that they were so badly warped that they wouldn't slide into the grooves on the legs. I called to find out what to do and the BabyAge customer service rep was friendly and helpful. She made arrangements to have new parts shipped to us. Unfortunately, we only received one piece when we needed two! (I had even explained in detail to the rep that both were warped. Apparently, she only ordered one. ) This weekend, after opening the box and discovering only one end piece, I had to call them back and ask them to send another piece, so we can finally finish the crib. They said they'd send them immediately. Hopefully we'll have them by next weekend so we can move on to steps 5+!
love it !! By
March 21, 2010
This is a crib i would recommend to anyone. It is very stylish and sturdy. Also safe because the side does not move, you can readjust the matress instead. It is also afordable. Simaliar cribs from other stores cost 3times as much. I have not yet found any downfall to this product.

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