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woven crib sheet By
April 8, 2007
now this is a very good product
Very Pleased By
November 10, 2010
My mom ordered this crib as a shower gift for our little one on the way. I originally thought that I wanted the cherry finish but instead decided to go with the espresso. I am so pleased that I did. It is a much darker wood than that of which shows on the site. It is more of a mahogany color. Very beautiful. It did have a few minor dings/marks on a couple pieces, but really very minimal and not clearly visible at first sight. It is very sturdy and all the pieces were there! Plus the delivery time after ordering was less than a week.
Nice Crib for the Price (at a discount) By
September 3, 2010
We purchased two identical cribs. When we unpacked everything a drawer support was missing in one box and the wrong hardware (different color) in the other box. There are many blemishes (scratches, small dents) in the wood before staining. However, the design is good (love the drawer) and easy to assemble. If we had paid the full retail price then I would have returned it due to the blemishes in the wood but at a discount price it is a good deal due to the design and construction.
Bought another for our second baby By
June 27, 2009
We bought this crib again for our second son in black. We wanted dark brown but they were not in stock. We are soo glad we got the black one because the paint finish was so much better than the finish on the stained crib. The first one was supposed to be dark brown but was actually more cherry. The finish on the stained crib was uneven but we loved the style. The 2nd crib we got in black was fine but had scratches that we had to touch up. Both cribs came with scratches. I would suggest Baby Age include a touch up kit when they send the cribs (I called Baby Age asking for touch up paint and there is nothing like this available). For the price and the look this is a great crib! Just be ready to touch up a few imperfections if you like things perfect. Again I looked and looked at other cribs and could find nothing that I liked better than this design and knowing it was a solid crib we decided to order another one for our newborn (we just were prepared to get it with some scratches). This second time around there was a part missing that we are supposed to get in a few days. We were able to put the crib together and use it its just the facing of the drawer that was missing.

Again I recommend this crib, just set your expectations right. It is beautiful and well built the only issue is with the scratches and uneven stain, but for the great price we will deal with those. I also want to add that every time I have called customer service they have been MORE than helpful with any issues! For this reason we are and will continue to be repeat customers.
Great quality - difficult construction By
January 29, 2013
It took my husband and stepfather 3 hours to put this toghether - same problem with the drawers that everyone else is having - however, once together is is OUTSTANDING - very good quailty for the money - appears durable - nice design and beautiful - I would order it again -m compared to others online buying this unit saved us b/t 2-3 hundred dollars for sure.
Great Crib!! Had some issues but got great Customer Service! By
December 21, 2010
This is a beautiful crib. I love the color. The picture on the website is a little bit lighter than what it actually is. But it is still in the same color family! One of the pieces was broken, but BabyAge was fantastic. They were quick to respond and worked fast to get the issue taken care of.

We did have a hard time finding a mattress that fit snug. After several purchases and returns, we finally found one because we brought a tape measure to the store. Who would have thought the exact same brand and models would measure differently!

The crib looks fantastic! We can't wait to see our little one in it!
Check parts for warping and allow extra time for assembly By
September 20, 2008
This crib was purchased for us as a gift. It seems to be a solid, nicely made crib, however, we've been working on Step 4 in the instructions for almost 2 weeks now. (The crib is still not completed!) When we took out the side/end panels, we discovered that they were so badly warped that they wouldn't slide into the grooves on the legs. I called to find out what to do and the BabyAge customer service rep was friendly and helpful. She made arrangements to have new parts shipped to us. Unfortunately, we only received one piece when we needed two! (I had even explained in detail to the rep that both were warped. Apparently, she only ordered one. ) This weekend, after opening the box and discovering only one end piece, I had to call them back and ask them to send another piece, so we can finally finish the crib. They said they'd send them immediately. Hopefully we'll have them by next weekend so we can move on to steps 5+!
Decent wood construction. Terrible drawer slides By
August 12, 2012
Have had this dresser for 3 years. The wood is nice and it is fairly well made but the drawer slides are worthless.
love it !! By
March 21, 2010
This is a crib i would recommend to anyone. It is very stylish and sturdy. Also safe because the side does not move, you can readjust the matress instead. It is also afordable. Simaliar cribs from other stores cost 3times as much. I have not yet found any downfall to this product.
grteat product By
April 4, 2011
it was very easy to put together great product very sturdy and looks

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