The First Years

safety gate By
September 6, 2010
We found this gate to be so great we place a 2nd order to make a total of 4. We are using this gate to confine out dogs and the other types of gates we had were hard to climb over and were making blemishes on our woodwork. Thanks to our daughter who was the original purchaser of this product and when we saw them we knew we needed them. They are price competitive, but NOT easy to find on the website.
A necessity By
May 18, 2010
This is a must have for a newborn. In the middle of the night, it saves a lot of time getting the little one back the sleep after a feeding. It has high sides to prevent you from rolling over on top of the little one. The light is a nice feature. Good price.
My little one loves it! By
October 22, 2009
Some parents may not like this product, I received it as a gift a few months before my little guy was born, I hated it at first. My hubby and I put batteries in it, just to test it out. (I had gotten it used) It does need to be pretty dark in the room to see it on the wall, but the light shines through the bottom for little ones with 'newborn eyesight'. and the mechanics in it are pretty loud, but hey, they say its good for infants to have background noise, and we do always have a fan on in the room anyway! Our son started sleeping in his crib at 1 month old, he has been using this every night now to go to sleep, however, the bulb had just burnt out but we now use the sounds to put him to sleep until we can get the light fixed. I will be buying another one if we cannot change the bulb. This is the only thing that will put my son to sleep at 3 months old. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for a parent who is not picky and just wants to put their child to sleep!!!!!!
Excellent Gate By
October 19, 2009
This was one of the sturdiest gates I have ever seen. It was a great purchase & I would highly recommend it to others. Very easy to install.
August 19, 2009
Great product for the money!! Fairly quiet, and comfortable to use.
perfect fit By
August 23, 2009
I bought another gate to fit my 43" door way and it was terrible. The extensions they included didn't fit well - one was too small but with two extensions, it was too wide. Awful. And then once we rigged it to fit (with a shim) , it was rickety and my 13 month old could just push it open.

I took it right back to Baby's R Us and bought the first years gate with one extension because I have 2 other of these gates in other rooms and love them. I needed and additional extension and did not find it in the store, so I ordered it from this site. It came with in 5 working days and it worked perfectly. My son cannot push this gate open and its super easy to use. It's also very sturdy.

I would recommend this gate and extension to anyone!
Love this booster By
December 13, 2006
I also have this booster and my daughter loves it, it fits our car and her perfectly. If you are looking for your child to be in a 5 point harness longer look at the Safety 1st Apex 65, 5 point harness until 65 pounds and only $100-$130, a lot less than Britax. I love Britax but none convert to a booster after the 5 point harness and the Apex does! Just an FYI.
happy camper By
December 7, 2009
I am a happy camper with my new gate, although my 3 dogs are not so happy sleeping on a dog bed and not the kids bed or couch.
looks great, works great.
Great Gate By
February 5, 2010
Fun Sound, great activity for baby By
July 15, 2009
Our daughter loves this toy/exerciser... has an upbeat sound and is easy to disassemble for travel.

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