The First Years

best RFing installation By
May 24, 2010
I highly recommend this seat. Of the 5+ different models of car seats I've installed, this is the easiest to install RFing, and is therefor the safest. The seat belt lock-offs ACTUALLY WORK. It has foam under the padding all around for impact protection. The child sits deep in the seat so I feel like there is really good side-protection. The material is cozy soft, but not thick or sweaty. You can adjust the shoulder height in 2 seconds. It comes with shoulder covers on the harness (washable) so you will not rub his/her neck with the harness when tightening. I used mine from 13-23 months old with the first child and 7mo to present (now 16 months) with the second child [and the now 32 month old still likes to sit in it RFing on occasion]. We have not turned it forward yet, so it is still RFing. We bought another of this same model for our 2nd vehicle b/c we love it so much.
Will not work with Bebe Angelcare moniter By
August 8, 2009
I was looking forward to this soother because my son's basinet had a vibrate feature on it that he loved and we wanted the same feature for his crib. Unfortunately, after an hour of trying to figure out why the vibration would not work, we turned off his moniter. It worked perfectly. I'm not sure if it can work with other moniters but it does not work with the Bebe Angelcare moniter.
Wood baby/pet walk-through gate By
July 10, 2009
The gate is very nice looking and it works well. It extends only to 41"; not 48" as the description states.
Love that this gate isn't an eye sore By
March 27, 2010
We've had this for a few days now. The gates installed easily and best of all keeps my 16mo old out of the kitchen! I love that it retracts and isn't an eye sore. So far so good! Glad I bought it. Baby age shipped so quickly! That I appreciate. Great price, great product, great store!
Love at first sight!! By
June 6, 2010
I love love love this carseat!! I did months of research and this is by far the best toddler seat out there! It has so many great features! It was also very easy to install, and the best thing is that my son is soooo comfy and when I was looking for a carseat, they all seemed to makes the childs head slouch forward, especially if they fell asleep! Not this seat! It's great, and I recommend it to any one!!
November 12, 2007
When they say this is easy for adults but hard for kids they're not kidding. This gate is easy enough for my 8 year old to open easily. Yet it is tough enough that my 1 and half year old can't open it no matter how hard she tries. My toddler can't even open it when she is jumping on it with both feet on it. Another thing I love about this gate is that it is hands free so this gives me the convience to open the gate even when my hands are full. Another feature this gate has when installed correctly is there is a ramp to stop children from tripping over the gate on the edge of the gate. This gate was also easy to install even with the extension kit. I couldn't intall a crib without messing it up yet I installed this. So yes this is a tremendous gate.
1st year kickin coaster seat By
July 5, 2009
loved it! from the moment I put her in it she started kickin the footplate and moving the seat, will have to buy another one for my grandson
First Years Baby Gate By
January 17, 2007
We love this gate for the children at our childcare center! It allows children to see what's going on in other places around the building and the parents appreciate the ease of the gate opening and closing.
Best Gate Ever By
July 10, 2009
Love the look of the gate and the ease of opening and closing. Blends nicely with an upscale decor.
Beautiful and stylish By
August 20, 2010
Great product! couldn't be happier about our purchase! really fast and efficient delivery too. Thank you BabyAge!!

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