The First Years

Easy By
May 20, 2011
5 minutes to put together, smooth ride, versatile and attractive. We love it.
Great seat for a 5-year old! By
June 5, 2007
I have tried many booster seats through the years and this one is really high quality. The seat is nicely padded so long drives aren't an issue. The side wings are just wide enough to be comfortable but not get in the way. My son loves the cupholders because they fold out easily and his cup doesn't fall out.
The fabric is quality and cleans nicely. I'm really happy with this seat and wish I'd found it sooner. The only possible negative is that it doesn't convert to a backless booster. Of course if it did, it probably wouldn't feel as sturdy as it does with the back attached.
Good place to buy By
November 8, 2011
I don't use the stroller yet, but your service is excelente and really, really faster.
You should work to receive payments with international credit cards. You are losing a lot of potencial customers.
so far so good By
October 4, 2010
We have had this installed at the top of our stairs for about 3 days now and we are satisfied with it.
Highly recommend By
June 29, 2009
I bought this for my granddaughter and although she's too young to actually make it move she does like the music.
bought 2 - best gate ever By
September 26, 2010
We have owned many gates (we have 3 young children) but this one is by far the best. I have a climber and created a safe room (the DR) in my house that all 3 play in now. It took me about 15-20 mins to install the first one and about 7 mins to install the 2nd one because I knew exactly how to do it by then. **You do have to make sure you keep tightening the square 'bolts' at the end of setup esp on top so that the gate shuts completely at the top, otherwise the top doesn't 'catch'. As you tighten it, the left and right side of the gate inch closer and eventually touch. It seems extremely durable and my 4 and 6 yr old can get in and out by using the pedal which I love. They used to climb over the other gates which would sometimes result in injuries. Also love that it's pressure mounted so no marks on my door mouldings. I ordered this in the morning w standard FedEx shipping and rec'd it the next day - I couldn't believe it! We do live on the East Coast which is why it was so quick. Babyage is a great site - I would def order from them again - best price, very fast delivery, peace of mind for me...
My little one loves it! By
October 22, 2009
Some parents may not like this product, I received it as a gift a few months before my little guy was born, I hated it at first. My hubby and I put batteries in it, just to test it out. (I had gotten it used) It does need to be pretty dark in the room to see it on the wall, but the light shines through the bottom for little ones with 'newborn eyesight'. and the mechanics in it are pretty loud, but hey, they say its good for infants to have background noise, and we do always have a fan on in the room anyway! Our son started sleeping in his crib at 1 month old, he has been using this every night now to go to sleep, however, the bulb had just burnt out but we now use the sounds to put him to sleep until we can get the light fixed. I will be buying another one if we cannot change the bulb. This is the only thing that will put my son to sleep at 3 months old. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for a parent who is not picky and just wants to put their child to sleep!!!!!!
Great Gate By
February 5, 2010
Very Nice Gate By
September 25, 2009
The reason for my purchasing this was to keep my dogs in my kitchen while I'm at work. The heigth is perfect, they can't jump it :). It looks great and is sturdy. I would recommend to anyone interested in this gate.
Tall & Wide Safety Gates By
May 28, 2010
Very stylish and works very well at keeping our German Shepherd Pup out of certain rooms. It is easy to fit together, and great to have multiple choices for for width. Our order arrived very quickly thank you

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