The First Years

August 19, 2009
Great product for the money!! Fairly quiet, and comfortable to use.
Love It By
February 5, 2011
light weight, easy to assemble, delivered super fast. I love the bassinet option and the easy conversion from front to back and bassinet to toddler sitting position. under basket is large, I only wish i had a cup holder of some sort on it but I'm sure I can find one after market. Also, easy fold up.
Love it. By
August 15, 2009
Our baby loves having the vibration feature in his bassinet, so we thought this would help make the transition to the crib easier. So far its only been used a few times, but we love it. In addition to the vibration, it plays music and nature sounds. Plus it has the option to have the vibration/sounds turn back on when the baby starts crying (that feature isn't too sensitive though so my baby is fully awake before it turns back on). The features run for about 10 minutes before shutting off.
first year wave stroller By
May 30, 2011
I purchased it almost 3 months ago its a very pretty stroller that turns heads every where you go.The only changes that I would recomend them to do first put better seat belts the front of the seat belt is too narrow they should improve or just copy the peg prego style seat belt.secound should put little side support for babies under 6 months to be able to seat streight .third I would like to see the seat locks when you turn the seat 90 degree because when you turn it 90 degree the seat doesnt stay still it moves little bit and I would like to see better frame inside the back of the stroller its too soft it doesnt stay perfectly straight.
Very good stroller!! By
October 11, 2010
We bought it for our infant with car seat The first years too and it is very very good stroller. It is sexy for less money and it is simple, you can use it with bassenet or car seat if you are going to mall for example. We love it!
Great seat for a 5-year old! By
June 5, 2007
I have tried many booster seats through the years and this one is really high quality. The seat is nicely padded so long drives aren't an issue. The side wings are just wide enough to be comfortable but not get in the way. My son loves the cupholders because they fold out easily and his cup doesn't fall out.
The fabric is quality and cleans nicely. I'm really happy with this seat and wish I'd found it sooner. The only possible negative is that it doesn't convert to a backless booster. Of course if it did, it probably wouldn't feel as sturdy as it does with the back attached.
love this By
May 17, 2010
I got the item for my baby shower, my son is gonna be 2 in auagust and it still works nothing has broken on it.. you use regular garbage bags... it keeps all the smells in. you can use batteries for the fan but i have never used it does the job it was meant forwell worth the money spent on it.
July 2, 2009
I bought this seat because my daughter has used her legs A LOT since we brought her home. She was 6 weeks when we bought it and we noticed she was too short while buckled in even at the shortest setting. We have let her play in it without being buckled in while keeping a close eye on her and she goes NUTS she absolutely LOVES it. I am very satisfied with this product. It brings my daughter so much joy as well as her father and I. It's amazing to watch her have such a good time on it! The music and lights aren't extravagant but its good encouragement to get the baby going!
My little one loves it! By
October 22, 2009
Some parents may not like this product, I received it as a gift a few months before my little guy was born, I hated it at first. My hubby and I put batteries in it, just to test it out. (I had gotten it used) It does need to be pretty dark in the room to see it on the wall, but the light shines through the bottom for little ones with 'newborn eyesight'. and the mechanics in it are pretty loud, but hey, they say its good for infants to have background noise, and we do always have a fan on in the room anyway! Our son started sleeping in his crib at 1 month old, he has been using this every night now to go to sleep, however, the bulb had just burnt out but we now use the sounds to put him to sleep until we can get the light fixed. I will be buying another one if we cannot change the bulb. This is the only thing that will put my son to sleep at 3 months old. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for a parent who is not picky and just wants to put their child to sleep!!!!!!
Love that this gate isn't an eye sore By
March 27, 2010
We've had this for a few days now. The gates installed easily and best of all keeps my 16mo old out of the kitchen! I love that it retracts and isn't an eye sore. So far so good! Glad I bought it. Baby age shipped so quickly! That I appreciate. Great price, great product, great store!

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