The First Years

I love it!! By
August 26, 2010
I love this car seat! Its pretty big, but not too heavy. I can sit in the car seat so i know it will last a long time for my little one! Its also very comfortable. The recliner only goes one notch, so if you are looking for a better recliner, you may be disappointed. I have found tho that the one notch is perfect. Great car seat!!!
Nice By
August 31, 2010
We just got it and haven't used it yet but I am very happy with the quality and structure. Can't wait to go for a stroll. Seems durable.
Great By
September 26, 2010
have dogs, not babies; product works great!!
Love this! By
May 3, 2008
Saw this on eBay and was immediately enthralled by it. Great for kitchens with limited counter and cabinet space. Held a variety of different types of bottles, and the drawers were handy for all the nipples and related parts. Kept my kitchen neat. Comes with mounting hardware. Definitely recommend it!
I love this seat! By
November 28, 2011
This seat has superb safety and comfort features! One of the major features that I love is the EPS safety foam that lines the seat protecting for side and rear collisions. For more information on this seat and other infant car seats, visit www.best-baby-seat.com . This safety provided so much information for me when I made my decision.
Beautiful and stylish By
August 20, 2010
Great product! couldn't be happier about our purchase! really fast and efficient delivery too. Thank you BabyAge!!
Great seat for a 5-year old! By
June 5, 2007
I have tried many booster seats through the years and this one is really high quality. The seat is nicely padded so long drives aren't an issue. The side wings are just wide enough to be comfortable but not get in the way. My son loves the cupholders because they fold out easily and his cup doesn't fall out.
The fabric is quality and cleans nicely. I'm really happy with this seat and wish I'd found it sooner. The only possible negative is that it doesn't convert to a backless booster. Of course if it did, it probably wouldn't feel as sturdy as it does with the back attached.
Love it. By
August 15, 2009
Our baby loves having the vibration feature in his bassinet, so we thought this would help make the transition to the crib easier. So far its only been used a few times, but we love it. In addition to the vibration, it plays music and nature sounds. Plus it has the option to have the vibration/sounds turn back on when the baby starts crying (that feature isn't too sensitive though so my baby is fully awake before it turns back on). The features run for about 10 minutes before shutting off.
Easy to store and handle By
September 26, 2010
This stroller is great for travel and just walking around town or shopping in tight spaces. The only problem is the canopy is open or closed. You cannot adjust the canopy to the sun's angle. :-( Otherwise pleased with purchase.
Versatile, effective, secure and simple (once you install) By
January 1, 2004
The ability to adjust top and bottom rails of the hinge side to different widths to accomodate molding or other uneven surfaces is a huge plus. I have thick molding and needed something with the freedom to adjust. This alone makes it a perfect fit for our 80 year old house and its stairway. This gate comes with a template, nice touch, as long as you have even and level wall surfaces to deal with. I don't! But after putting it together once, and then taking it apart again to make the adjustments I felt it needed, I was able to install this gate in our difficult stairway. The instructions recommend installing into wood or studs, and due to the plaster used on my walls and inability to find a stud inline with the other side of the gate, I have actually installed it at a slight angle without compromising the safety of the gate.Great quality product, several ways you can install to accomodate your needs. Instructions are complete and pictures detail very well. The gate can be opened with one hand, but utilizes a push-in-and-turn dial, similar to a child-safe medicine bottle.

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