The First Years

Easy By
May 20, 2011
5 minutes to put together, smooth ride, versatile and attractive. We love it.
what every home with a child need By
May 15, 2009
Very necessary for babies to young children.
take and toss cups By
February 2, 2007
I love these, my kids have been using them for years. It doesn't matter if you leave one behind since they are so cheap. The one problem I have found is that the cups last alot longer then the lids.
Great choice for non-harness booster By
September 1, 2009
We are very pleased with this car seat. It is lightweight yet sturdy, comfortable (per my kids), and high quality. We now have 2 of them and would not hesitate to purchase another.
Versatile, effective, secure and simple (once you install) By
January 1, 2004
The ability to adjust top and bottom rails of the hinge side to different widths to accomodate molding or other uneven surfaces is a huge plus. I have thick molding and needed something with the freedom to adjust. This alone makes it a perfect fit for our 80 year old house and its stairway. This gate comes with a template, nice touch, as long as you have even and level wall surfaces to deal with. I don't! But after putting it together once, and then taking it apart again to make the adjustments I felt it needed, I was able to install this gate in our difficult stairway. The instructions recommend installing into wood or studs, and due to the plaster used on my walls and inability to find a stud inline with the other side of the gate, I have actually installed it at a slight angle without compromising the safety of the gate.Great quality product, several ways you can install to accomodate your needs. Instructions are complete and pictures detail very well. The gate can be opened with one hand, but utilizes a push-in-and-turn dial, similar to a child-safe medicine bottle.
I got this stroller in 2 days! By
September 6, 2010
I ordered this stroller late in the day on Thursday and got it Saturday afternoon! I put it together in about 5 minutes and took my son out for a walk. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver, much better than my full size stroller. I am very pleased with the stroller and the level of service provided by Baby Age.
Great but will stop working soon-does not last By
April 13, 2008
Worked great for a month and stopped..for the price this product needs to be recall until they can figure out how it can last longer.
November 12, 2007
When they say this is easy for adults but hard for kids they're not kidding. This gate is easy enough for my 8 year old to open easily. Yet it is tough enough that my 1 and half year old can't open it no matter how hard she tries. My toddler can't even open it when she is jumping on it with both feet on it. Another thing I love about this gate is that it is hands free so this gives me the convience to open the gate even when my hands are full. Another feature this gate has when installed correctly is there is a ramp to stop children from tripping over the gate on the edge of the gate. This gate was also easy to install even with the extension kit. I couldn't intall a crib without messing it up yet I installed this. So yes this is a tremendous gate.
Love this! By
May 3, 2008
Saw this on eBay and was immediately enthralled by it. Great for kitchens with limited counter and cabinet space. Held a variety of different types of bottles, and the drawers were handy for all the nipples and related parts. Kept my kitchen neat. Comes with mounting hardware. Definitely recommend it!
Mom of twins By
February 6, 2010
Love this gate! We have it installed between the kitchen and dining room and it works great! I love the hands free pedal. Install was quick and easy.

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