The First Years

Good Product By
August 25, 2006
Compass is an interesting new seat with a great base.
FYI for Flights By
January 1, 2004
I wanted to respond to a users comments regarding this booster seat not being FAA approved so that it does not discourage a potential buyer of this product. I went on the manufacturers website and the FAA does not approve of any belt positioning booster seats as airline setas only have a lap belt. Most boosters on the market are of the belt positioning type so this is not unique to the compass model. Also it is highly rated by consumer reports. It is great for carpooling after school too- easy to fold up and leave for the mom who is picking up your child after school! Highly reccomended.
Compass car seat is great! By
July 7, 2010
I love this seat and so does my daughter. Very roomy but not big in the car. Super soft, she likes to lift up her shirt to feel the seat against her skin. Easy for her to lift the handles and buckle herself in. Level cup holders! Love the colors and print. (I got the brown and pink polka dots) Would definately buy again and the service from BabyAge was more than excellent!
Easy By
May 20, 2011
5 minutes to put together, smooth ride, versatile and attractive. We love it.
Love this! By
May 3, 2008
Saw this on eBay and was immediately enthralled by it. Great for kitchens with limited counter and cabinet space. Held a variety of different types of bottles, and the drawers were handy for all the nipples and related parts. Kept my kitchen neat. Comes with mounting hardware. Definitely recommend it!
Great for Toddler By
October 1, 2010
I had to upgrade my lightweight stroller for my almost 3 yr old. She's only 29lbs but our old stroller wasn't meant for her weight & it took strength to push her & bothered my carpel tunnel.
Ive only used this in the house so far but it glides with ease, not hars on my wrists. Canopy s small but it does something. Havnet tried the fabric cup holders yet, My daughter also cant stop sitting in it.
Bring this monitor back By
November 1, 2007
The is the best monitor I've come across. Supposedly it's been discontinued & I can't find one to buy anywhere!
Highly Recommend By
May 20, 2010
We're so happy with this gate, we're ordering another for our other room. The picture in the listing doesn't do the gate justice. It's also a snap to put together. Well worth the money.
Great Car Seat! By
June 29, 2010
After much debating I chose this car seat as an additional car seat so my son can ride in my husband's vehicle. I was hoping it would fit in my car rear facing which it did. I was very impressed by the features prior to purchasing and am as impressed with them once we received the seat. It is relatively easy to install, has newer and better features than previous models. I like the level at the bottom which tells you how reclined your seat is. I like the no re-threading feature. I love how comfortable the seat is! I must say it is much more cushioned than the other seat we have, the Britax Marathon. It is also roomier and wider. I like that this seat goes to 50inches as opposed to 49 with the Britax Marathon. I also like the option of using it without the headrest for infants and the included insert for infants. I like the price, lower than the Britax seats. I get 7 years of use out of this one, 6 years with Britax. So far no complaints, we chose the Urban Life and it's a little darker than I thought but not too dark. Overall I would highly recommend this seat.
Installation a bit of a challenge..... By
June 29, 2009
As indicated in some online reviews of this seat installation was a little challenging. Follow enclosed instructions. I ended up removing the whole seat cover for easier access. The cover comes off and goes on as easy as advertised, except once the seat is installed in a backward facing position, then front four snaps are a little hard too reach. However it was really a matter of patience and just going slow. Have a towel or pool noodle per instructions to level the seat in a rear facing position. The strap to tighten the harness is a little tricky to reach in R.F.P. as well but not terrible. Seat is large, plush, and my 15 month old daughter appears very comfortable in it. Worth a little pain for the price and end result.

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