The First Years

Will not work with Bebe Angelcare moniter By
August 8, 2009
I was looking forward to this soother because my son's basinet had a vibrate feature on it that he loved and we wanted the same feature for his crib. Unfortunately, after an hour of trying to figure out why the vibration would not work, we turned off his moniter. It worked perfectly. I'm not sure if it can work with other moniters but it does not work with the Bebe Angelcare moniter.
A necessity By
May 18, 2010
This is a must have for a newborn. In the middle of the night, it saves a lot of time getting the little one back the sleep after a feeding. It has high sides to prevent you from rolling over on top of the little one. The light is a nice feature. Good price.
best RFing installation By
May 24, 2010
I highly recommend this seat. Of the 5+ different models of car seats I've installed, this is the easiest to install RFing, and is therefor the safest. The seat belt lock-offs ACTUALLY WORK. It has foam under the padding all around for impact protection. The child sits deep in the seat so I feel like there is really good side-protection. The material is cozy soft, but not thick or sweaty. You can adjust the shoulder height in 2 seconds. It comes with shoulder covers on the harness (washable) so you will not rub his/her neck with the harness when tightening. I used mine from 13-23 months old with the first child and 7mo to present (now 16 months) with the second child [and the now 32 month old still likes to sit in it RFing on occasion]. We have not turned it forward yet, so it is still RFing. We bought another of this same model for our 2nd vehicle b/c we love it so much.
first year wave stroller By
May 30, 2011
I purchased it almost 3 months ago its a very pretty stroller that turns heads every where you go.The only changes that I would recomend them to do first put better seat belts the front of the seat belt is too narrow they should improve or just copy the peg prego style seat belt.secound should put little side support for babies under 6 months to be able to seat streight .third I would like to see the seat locks when you turn the seat 90 degree because when you turn it 90 degree the seat doesnt stay still it moves little bit and I would like to see better frame inside the back of the stroller its too soft it doesnt stay perfectly straight.
First Years Stroller By
February 10, 2011
great product.....
Good place to buy By
November 8, 2011
I don't use the stroller yet, but your service is excelente and really, really faster.
You should work to receive payments with international credit cards. You are losing a lot of potencial customers.
Works great! By
February 16, 2007
I love this gate. I bought it this week and have had NO trouble with setup or use. I'm only 5'2", so stepping over one of those other gates was not an option. Especially with carrying my groceries in, I didn't want to have trouble with it. My husband is a big, clumsy guy, and he had no trouble figuring it out, either. It has an added bonus, it keeps my dog from running to my front door whenever the doorbell rings! :)

I'd highly recommend this.
Don't think twice about buying this gate By
April 14, 2008
I bought two of these gates and an extension. They are a breeze to install and they don't ruin your walls. I've had these gates for 5 years and still using them for a 2 year old and 5 year old and small dog. Whoever designed this thought of everything. You have to be strong enough to push pedal down to open gate, very easy for an adult, impossible for a little one. Easy to move to different sections of your home because of pressure mount. Don't have to step over the gate! Big plus! Very sturdy, metal product and protective ramp to seperate metal gate from flooring. Must have :)
August 19, 2009
Great product for the money!! Fairly quiet, and comfortable to use.
Grandma By
November 16, 2009
Bought this for my 6 week old grandson. He LOVES it! Get's a big smile everytime we put him in it ... like "Yes" I get to play! Music is either lively for play or can switch to soothing when he falls asleep. Can play loud or soft too. He lives the vibration too when he's sleeping. Do need to put the book in front of the feet right now, but it still make the music go off! Will buy another for my best friends pregnant daughter. All my daughter's friends now want one!
Super fast shipping as well. Thanks Baby Age!

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