The First Years

Mother of four in love with this organizer. By
April 9, 2008
I originally bought this product 7 years ago when my oldest son was an infant. I mounted it under a cabinet. I would put all my dirty nipples and pump supplies in one basket and run it through the dishwasher, then switch baskets as the other one emptied. When my second son outgrew sippy cups, I removed the unit, but left the mounting bracket in place where it could not be seen. Now that I have two more wee ones, I can't find it and have tried other contraptions. I was so relieved to find this one on the internet! It's a dishwasher basket, drying rack and storage container all in one.
Mother of 2 year old By
January 1, 2004
The Compass B500 is a booster seat for CHILDREN AGE 4 AND 40 POUNDS or more. I bought two three years ago and love them. My grandkids like the cup holders. No arguing about which side of the car who sits on because the Compass has a cup holder on each side. The seats are easy to fold and light to carry. Now that the kids are older, I can take the back off so their friends can't tell that they're in booster seats.
what every home with a child need By
May 15, 2009
Very necessary for babies to young children.
July 2, 2009
I bought this seat because my daughter has used her legs A LOT since we brought her home. She was 6 weeks when we bought it and we noticed she was too short while buckled in even at the shortest setting. We have let her play in it without being buckled in while keeping a close eye on her and she goes NUTS she absolutely LOVES it. I am very satisfied with this product. It brings my daughter so much joy as well as her father and I. It's amazing to watch her have such a good time on it! The music and lights aren't extravagant but its good encouragement to get the baby going!
Would definitely recommend! By
January 20, 2011
I agree with everything the first reviewer said -- it's a great seat! My daughter especially loves the cup holders. :) We've trekked it along on airline trips and it folds up nice and compact. This was my first purchase from Baby Age and I was impressed. It was just as described and arrived quickly.
Tall & Wide Safety Gates By
May 28, 2010
Very stylish and works very well at keeping our German Shepherd Pup out of certain rooms. It is easy to fit together, and great to have multiple choices for for width. Our order arrived very quickly thank you
Easy to install and works / looks great By
September 19, 2009
The gate came quickly, was very easy to install, and it looks very classy. We love it !!
My little one loves it! By
October 22, 2009
Some parents may not like this product, I received it as a gift a few months before my little guy was born, I hated it at first. My hubby and I put batteries in it, just to test it out. (I had gotten it used) It does need to be pretty dark in the room to see it on the wall, but the light shines through the bottom for little ones with 'newborn eyesight'. and the mechanics in it are pretty loud, but hey, they say its good for infants to have background noise, and we do always have a fan on in the room anyway! Our son started sleeping in his crib at 1 month old, he has been using this every night now to go to sleep, however, the bulb had just burnt out but we now use the sounds to put him to sleep until we can get the light fixed. I will be buying another one if we cannot change the bulb. This is the only thing that will put my son to sleep at 3 months old. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for a parent who is not picky and just wants to put their child to sleep!!!!!!
Highly Recommend By
May 20, 2010
We're so happy with this gate, we're ordering another for our other room. The picture in the listing doesn't do the gate justice. It's also a snap to put together. Well worth the money.
Good value for your money By
January 1, 2004
We have this booster and it's wonderful. The seat is very thick and soft and my son looks very comfortable. The headrest holds his head just right when he sleeps. He likes the cupholders. It folds up so I can get it into the back seat of the minivan. The seat adjusts to his height.

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