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FYI for Flights By
January 1, 2004
I wanted to respond to a users comments regarding this booster seat not being FAA approved so that it does not discourage a potential buyer of this product. I went on the manufacturers website and the FAA does not approve of any belt positioning booster seats as airline setas only have a lap belt. Most boosters on the market are of the belt positioning type so this is not unique to the compass model. Also it is highly rated by consumer reports. It is great for carpooling after school too- easy to fold up and leave for the mom who is picking up your child after school! Highly reccomended.
Mom of twins By
February 6, 2010
Love this gate! We have it installed between the kitchen and dining room and it works great! I love the hands free pedal. Install was quick and easy.
Satisfied in Salem, SD By
June 29, 2009
I really am pleased with the car seat. Our little girl (7 mo) seems way more comfortable in this than her other one. She's on the bigger than average side both for height and weight so it's accomodating to heavier babies. It was a bit tricky for my husband to install. But when it comes to safety of a child that shouldn't be a concern. I just don't see us swapping seats in vehicles that much any more now. This past week we've had 85-95 degree weather and when I open the car to put her in the seat has remained rather cool.
Very pleased overall!!
nice seat but hard to install rear facing By
January 23, 2010
My husband and I consider ourselves patient, bright people but CANNOT figure out how to install this seat rear facing which is the safest. HELP!
Excellent Gate By
October 19, 2009
This was one of the sturdiest gates I have ever seen. It was a great purchase & I would highly recommend it to others. Very easy to install.
Mixed bag By
November 24, 2008
I continue to buy this gate because it is very effective. The kids can't get through it, but the knob does break. I've gone through 2 gates (there are three in the house, and we put them up 2 years ago). I am installing a new gate in the basement, and I am ordering two because I know that one of the knobs will break soon enough. Even so, other gates that I have tried have been flimsy or are easily overcome.
Installation a bit of a challenge..... By
June 29, 2009
As indicated in some online reviews of this seat installation was a little challenging. Follow enclosed instructions. I ended up removing the whole seat cover for easier access. The cover comes off and goes on as easy as advertised, except once the seat is installed in a backward facing position, then front four snaps are a little hard too reach. However it was really a matter of patience and just going slow. Have a towel or pool noodle per instructions to level the seat in a rear facing position. The strap to tighten the harness is a little tricky to reach in R.F.P. as well but not terrible. Seat is large, plush, and my 15 month old daughter appears very comfortable in it. Worth a little pain for the price and end result.
noisy but convenient By
February 11, 2010
I love the convenience of the hide away gates but it is a little annoying when opening and closing them because they click, and click, and click! We have forgotten to open the gate before putting the baby down and stress out over waking her up opening them up. I know it is for safety and to ensure the gate is working appropriately but I wish there was a way to turn the clicking off at times.
Beautiful and stylish By
August 20, 2010
Great product! couldn't be happier about our purchase! really fast and efficient delivery too. Thank you BabyAge!!
what every home with a child need By
May 15, 2009
Very necessary for babies to young children.

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