The First Years

Very Nice Gate By
September 25, 2009
The reason for my purchasing this was to keep my dogs in my kitchen while I'm at work. The heigth is perfect, they can't jump it :). It looks great and is sturdy. I would recommend to anyone interested in this gate.
A simple solution By
January 1, 2004
We are the parents of twin eight month old boys. About a month ago they began crawling and pulling themselves up on the furniture. We have a steep staircase off our kitchen and I knew we would have to gate it off. I am not a very handy person and although I wanted a secure gate I did not want one that was difficult to install. I read all the gate reviews on Amazon and I was drawn to this one as it comes with templates for installing the hinges and latch. I am glad I ordered this gate as it lives up to its name--Simple and Secure. I had the gate installed perfectly in less than 30 minutes. It is very strong and blends well with our decor. We have a 42" stairwell and the gate fit without the need for any extensions or extra parts. Unlike some other reviewers, I did not find the closing "click" too loud or bothersome. In fact, it is reassuring to know that the gate is securly locked behind you. I would definitely recommend this product to any family having infants or toddlers.
Outstanding By
October 18, 2009
Wonderfull and easy to install . Very safe for my 7 month old daughter. Plan on ordering more for around the house.
mom of 3 By
September 5, 2009
this product looks great I cant wait to use it. I am not due for about three more weeks. I t looks great and the night light feature is very cute. Did not buy it at a store but picked it up at a yard sale for $2.00. Did not realize what it was until I saw one at target for $44.99 was just going to use it as a something to change my babys diaper on in the family room ha ha I dont think the woman at the yard sale realized what she was selling and how much they really cost I am very excited about useing it , it is very nicely made and seems very sturdy .
Even my 30 lb 14 month old loves it! By
April 1, 2011
Easy to assemble, arrived super fast, great height! I'm 5'6", love not bending over like with most umbrella strollers. It's a big heavier, but totally worth it!
Great all-round reasonably-priced stroller By
February 2, 2012
It's been a great little stroller. Our guy is six-months old now and he loves it. Whenever he's crying we put him in it and he falls asleep within minutes. We live in Toronto which gets pretty cold in the winter and quite hot in the summer and so we've been able to test it in a variety of weather conditions. We have not been disappointed. The bassinet stays pretty cool in the summer. Although when in bassinet mode the canopy is just a little bit too short to fully cover the baby's eyes from the glare so we bought a sun shade/bug cover to compensate. The large back wheels can handle many different terrains such as gravel, light snow and fairly steep curbs - usually with just a one-handed push. My friend has a bugaboo bee and the wheels are so tiny on that, she's was unable to roll her stroller up even a slightly uneven paved ground without having to heft it up and over the bump. No problem for ours. (He He He!)

We purchased this stroller for the nifty "twist and spin" feature and have it really is a great little innnovation. Whenever baby needs some mum time I just spin toward me. I can comfort him in mid-stride. -No need to stop and pick him up.

I find the same problems as some other readers - no cup handle or baby tray but i bought some generic jolly jumper items which work just fine.

When I received my stroller by UPS. The foam padding had been torn in shipping so I had to- send it back. The company sent UPS to me at no additional charge! I didn't even have to leave the building just had to package it up in its original box which didn't fit by then but still had no hassle to return it - AWESOME.

The basket below is small but I've been able to carry a fair bit of shopping in it at any one time - heavy items such as several bags of milk and canned items. Bag hasn't stretched yet which was a complaint other had but we'll see. There are straps on the basket that attach to the metal frame - maybe that will solve
Good value for your money By
January 1, 2004
We have this booster and it's wonderful. The seat is very thick and soft and my son looks very comfortable. The headrest holds his head just right when he sleeps. He likes the cupholders. It folds up so I can get it into the back seat of the minivan. The seat adjusts to his height.
so far so good By
October 4, 2010
We have had this installed at the top of our stairs for about 3 days now and we are satisfied with it.
Mom of twins By
February 6, 2010
Love this gate! We have it installed between the kitchen and dining room and it works great! I love the hands free pedal. Install was quick and easy.
Love it! By
December 14, 2010
I love, love, love this stroller. It is very versatile and is simple to use. It holds the baby at a taller height, which he loves! It also lays all the way back if he wants to nap in it.

And you would not believe all the compliments I get on the stroller! Everyone wants to know what kind it is and where I got it. They seem to think it cost a lot more than it did.

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