The First Years

love this By
May 17, 2010
I got the item for my baby shower, my son is gonna be 2 in auagust and it still works nothing has broken on it.. you use regular garbage bags... it keeps all the smells in. you can use batteries for the fan but i have never used it does the job it was meant forwell worth the money spent on it.
Fun Sound, great activity for baby By
July 15, 2009
Our daughter loves this toy/exerciser... has an upbeat sound and is easy to disassemble for travel.
nice seat but hard to install rear facing By
January 23, 2010
My husband and I consider ourselves patient, bright people but CANNOT figure out how to install this seat rear facing which is the safest. HELP!
A simple solution By
January 1, 2004
We are the parents of twin eight month old boys. About a month ago they began crawling and pulling themselves up on the furniture. We have a steep staircase off our kitchen and I knew we would have to gate it off. I am not a very handy person and although I wanted a secure gate I did not want one that was difficult to install. I read all the gate reviews on Amazon and I was drawn to this one as it comes with templates for installing the hinges and latch. I am glad I ordered this gate as it lives up to its name--Simple and Secure. I had the gate installed perfectly in less than 30 minutes. It is very strong and blends well with our decor. We have a 42" stairwell and the gate fit without the need for any extensions or extra parts. Unlike some other reviewers, I did not find the closing "click" too loud or bothersome. In fact, it is reassuring to know that the gate is securly locked behind you. I would definitely recommend this product to any family having infants or toddlers.
Great By
September 26, 2010
have dogs, not babies; product works great!!
1st year kickin coaster seat By
July 5, 2009
loved it! from the moment I put her in it she started kickin the footplate and moving the seat, will have to buy another one for my grandson
Awesome By
October 20, 2008
Got this as a gift. Put it together in a short amount of time all by myself without my boyfriends help. So ,yes, U CAN DO IT!
Baby loved the rocking motion and the vibration. She was very happy with it. Theres no need to buy anything pricier. Baby will grow out of it before u know it. Then u get to invest in really nice crib for her;)
Recommend Portable CD Player By
August 26, 2009
I ordered this for my grandson (he is 2 yrs old) about 4 months ago and he loves it. Every night he wants his cd when he goes to bed. My daughter is expecting a second boy and I am going to order another one.
Great for Toddler By
October 1, 2010
I had to upgrade my lightweight stroller for my almost 3 yr old. She's only 29lbs but our old stroller wasn't meant for her weight & it took strength to push her & bothered my carpel tunnel.
Ive only used this in the house so far but it glides with ease, not hars on my wrists. Canopy s small but it does something. Havnet tried the fabric cup holders yet, My daughter also cant stop sitting in it.
Great for grandparents By
March 29, 2011
We received this item (Red Stripe fabric) as a rental because our original umbrella (different brand) was on back order and we needed one for a familiy holiday for a 13 month old baby. We needed a light umbrella for a hot weather. I love the drink and zipper storage holder on the top by the handle. Makes it quick to store and grab things quickly. The storage on the bottom has good amount of space to store the necessity; skip hop pronto changing pad, small rain umbrella, sweater/jacket and baby's food. Baby had no problem falling asleep in it and happy riding on it. We have no problem maneuvering the stroller with the baby on the streets, slight hill, and in crowds. Most important, grandparents (age 65-72) finds the stroller easy to fold and unfold.

I rated the product one less star because the fabric faded (black section) and the stroller is not ment for for high walking mileage... and that was just after a ten day Oahu holiday. I'm not sure how long this stroller will last if it's used everyday in a city.

We did ended up purchasing this as a 2nd umbrella for the grandparents to use (they have the baby when we are working) because they find this one easier to use than our original purchase (again different brand). But we would have not purchased it unless it was on sale (simply because we already have an umbrella stroller). We went with the Retro Geo Khaki fabric. I know toddlers can get it dirty easily, but so far after four months of using it for mall trips, the now 19 months old baby and grandparents has managed to keep it clean.

Overall I recommend this stroller for short trips; malls, strolls, amusement parks, etc., and because it is light and easy to fold and unfold. For the price, I wouldn't feel guilty if we wear it out after two years.

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