Storkcraft Baby

Missing drawer By
January 1, 2004
I have to completely agree with the bad reviews Storkcraft receives. My friend purchased her crib from them (I think it was this one) and discovered that the bottom drawer was missing. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to contact customer service to resolve the matter, they gave up. Thankfully, my friend's husband is a carpenter and is going to make a drawer for it but it is ridiculous that he has to make a drawer for a brand new piece of furniture. Until he can get the drawer made they are storing linen in boxes underneath the crib on the floor where the drawer should be. Crying shame. Regarding the sturdiness, the crib does shake a bit more than I would like when I tried to let down the railing--which I stopped trying to do for fear I would break something. But I am confident that her husband being a master carpenter would have fortifide the crib if he thought it was necessary so I guess it is alright. I will say that they purchased the entire furniture collection and the other pieces seem to be sturdy and fine. Although, I am not entirely impressed with the look of the honey color of furniture. It looks a little too fake laminate for my taste (of course I didn't tell her that) and it looks too dark to be called "honey". Be sure to check out the wood colors carefully before purchasing. Other honey oak colors I have seen are lighter than this one so watch out. Overall, Storkcraft is definitely hit or miss in regards to quality. I think my friend also had shipping problems with this company as well. So why take the gamble when there is so many other manufacturers that make nursery furniture? My friend definitely advised me never to purchase furniture from Storkcraft. I intend to heed that sage advice.
Buyer Beware when dealing with Storkcraft By
January 1, 2004
Let me tell you about my experience with Storkcraft. I should preface this by saying it was not this piece of furniture, nor this retailer - this review is about the manufacturer. First, I'm not saying `don't buy from them' however, their customer service is absolutely awful and if you get a defective piece of furniture you need to be very, very persistent and you need to include the retailer in the process from the outset. The standard replacement procedures for defective parts instruct the buyer to deal directly with the manufacturer - that does little or no good. If you're going to buy your furniture from Storkcraft, do not trust their customer service alone to take care of you - get your retailer involved right away, threaten to withhold payment and make sure that for every call you make to the manufacturer, your retailer makes one too. Don't think that patience and graciousness will get you anywhere with this company, don't accept any delay as legitimate and don't settle for anything but real shipping dates - and call them every single day until you get your parts.
Nice for the price By
January 1, 2004
The crib is nice for the price and easy to put together, I was very disapointed that it took two and half months to be shipped and not sure why. The baby was two weeks old when it arrived so thank god for other sleeping alternatives. We bought the Oak finish and it isn't as fancy as the picture looks but again all in all a nice crib.
Where do you find a changing pad to fit? By
January 1, 2004
Where do you find a changing pad to fit this? All I can find is 32" long and I need one about 29 3/4" long. Babies R Us doesn't even carry that size.
absolutely stunning crib By
January 1, 2004
This crib is so beautiful especially in cherry finish. We searched and searched but this crib was absolutely the best of show. You won't go wrong with this one!
Great Crib, not-so-great drawer By
January 1, 2004
It is true that the directions are not very clear, but it is easy enough to figure out because of the size of the pre-drilled holes and the hardware. The only real problem we have is with the drawer. It fits on the rails just fine and will pull in and out smoothly, but you won't want to put anything in it that weighs very much. We put extra packages of diapers in it and the drawer would fall right off the rails from the weight. We moved the diapers and just keep extra sheets and blankets down there now and we haven't had any problems. Other than that, the crib is beautiful and nobody can tell that we took the cheaper route and assembled it ourselves. We saved a ton of money from the other sets we liked. We have the rest of the set(changing table, dresser with hutch and 5 drawer chest) and the drawers on those pieces seem to pull in and out much smoother than even the most expensive sets!
Love It!! By
November 10, 2006
I did alot of searching for a crib. I found this one, ordered it, and I love it! It is made of real wood and it is stunning!
Went well with everything By
January 1, 2004
I look everywhere for the perfect set for my little Baby Adam. Storkcraft was pricy, but so worth the money. I get compliments all the time on my crib selection. I highly recommend this product.
table By
January 1, 2004
it took two of us to put this together. I thought the shelves could have been made out of sturdier material. My granddaughter loves the changing table.
Experienced buyer likes this crib... By
January 1, 2004
First, the crib is easy to assemble, as far as cribs go. All parts were in tact and no need to call cust. serv. for any reason. The crib has a cottage/shabby-chic feel. I purchased the one in white. Secondly, crib has teething guard on front rail, unlike $700 crib we purchased for our first child. REALLY useful because babies WILL chew on the rail. Also when Mom and Dad lean over the rail, their buckles, cell phones, etc, will not scratch the crib. We paid over $700 three years ago for a similar crib from Legacy (without a drawer and without the teething guard on the front rail) and overall I am happier with this product. When it converts to a bigger bed, the bottom rail is not as attractive as the $700 crib (it is a sleigh bed) so I will probably only use the headboard, but that is just a personal style choice, you may love it!

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