March 29, 2009
This is a WONDERFUL jogging stroller! I bought it with the intention of going on fast walks/jogs, and it will definitely do that and more! i can't get over how easy it is to push and maneuver this stroller, and how light weight it is despite being a bit heavy and bulky folded up. i put it together myself within about 30 minutes, and already the kids were fighting over it. i was able to push my 3 year old twins around in the backyard through the grass with no problems or difficulty, therefore proving that it was good on all terrains. i love the rain cover (although i haven't used it yet), and the sun visor seems to supply more than enough shade from the sun. i can't say enough good things about this stroller... it is a bit larger than a normal stroller when folded up, but about the same weight i would say. but MUCH easier to push at a fast pace and over sidewalk bumps--it's as if you were pushing it over a newly paved road every time you push it! i shopped around online a lot before picking this one, and am very happy with my purchase. i'm even contemplating buying the double stroller for my older twins!
December 8, 2008
This blue trike is THE MOST GORGEOUS trike I have ever seen. The blue is very vibrant and shiny and every detail is high quality and cool. I love the tassels and bell. It's a gift for my son for Christmas so not sure how he likes it yet. But it's just gorgeous and easy to assemble!
A BEAST! (not that that's a bad thing...) By
January 1, 2004
Admittedly, we are not joggers. However, as we live in a snowy climate, we bought this stroller as our "Winter stroller". By this we mean that we needed something that was cozy enough to sit in with blankets or bunting bags, as well as something that would effortlessly push through snow & sleet. (We already had the lightweight Maclaren Rally twin for in and out of the car as well for use during Summer weather.) I must admit that so far, so good. The Schwinn is great; it's big & cozy & pushes nicely. HOWEVER, (and this is a big one), the stroller is huge. And really, heavy. It is nearly impossible to go shopping with this stroller because it doesn't fit through most doors, (or aisles) and it is tremendously bulky & difficult to lift. It also takes up quite a bit of room in our minivan. Honestly, the thing is a monster, a behamoth. But it pushes like butter through snow, and the kids are toasty warm with room to breathe. Actually it pushes effortlessly all the time- dry weather too!
Ecstatic By
October 8, 2010
This Trike more than met my expectations. The design is sleek and the color is amazing. My 2 1/2 year old grandson is putting it through it's paces and so far the Trike has been able to handle everything he is dishing out. I love the fact that the center of gravity is such that not even he will be able to tip it over going around corners. This is a must have for a rambunctious toddler.
My 4-yr old son loves it... By
July 21, 2009
My 4-yr old son loves his new "bike". We went on a 26 mile ride and he made the whole trip! I was impressed since this was his first big ride and he peddled most of the way! A great investment indeed. What a memorable moment.

The bike is well structured and easy to assemble. The only disappointment was the package was beat up and left a couple of scratches in frame. It must have happened during shipment. I was surprised since the bike trailer is wrapped pretty well.
Great STroller By
August 17, 2009
Easy to get around on pavement as well as the caliche track. Assembly was all of about 5 minutes. Nice product
great buy for the price By
May 27, 2009
It assembled without any hitch and it's light when we tow it by our bike. it's nice it can be disassembled to lay flat for easy storage. I like how it can convert from trailer to a stroller. Both our kids fit and loved it. Also both did fall asleep. Now, I need to figure out if it can recline, for now, I didn't see it can. So, both kids are sitting up, asleep, and I believe there should some way to recline the seat-back a little. I would have given a 5-star if the seat reclined. But for the price, we love it!
Good price, good value By
June 27, 2009
The stroller was easy to put together, it fits in the back of my small SUV, my 4 1/2 mth. old is comfortable in it. We ran a 10k the first week I bought it--which was also my first time pushing the stroller, and it was fine. I wish the speakers for my Ipod had a little more volume--the baby can hear it, but I can't! There were two dads at the 10k who had much more serious-looking strollers--their rain canopy was like something for the space shuttle, while the Schwinn's is a little more rumpled looking--but it was perfectly adequate for the job (light rain throughout the race)--and both these guys were elite runners letting their wives run baby-free--who knows what they paid for theirs. Only complaint so far is from my husband, who pinched his finger in the clasp for the harness--it brought up a blood blister right away.
like the bike By
December 16, 2009
A nice bike for a young girl age 10-16. It should grow with my daughter.
Nice tricycle at a nice price By
May 14, 2008
This tricycle is a classic! Looks like the one I had as a child. I received a Roadmaster not a Schwinn but it looks exactly like the picture. Easy to put together. My 2 year old loves it already. Would recommend to a friend.

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