i need a bike By
December 4, 2008
it is awsome
Good price, good value By
June 27, 2009
The stroller was easy to put together, it fits in the back of my small SUV, my 4 1/2 mth. old is comfortable in it. We ran a 10k the first week I bought it--which was also my first time pushing the stroller, and it was fine. I wish the speakers for my Ipod had a little more volume--the baby can hear it, but I can't! There were two dads at the 10k who had much more serious-looking strollers--their rain canopy was like something for the space shuttle, while the Schwinn's is a little more rumpled looking--but it was perfectly adequate for the job (light rain throughout the race)--and both these guys were elite runners letting their wives run baby-free--who knows what they paid for theirs. Only complaint so far is from my husband, who pinched his finger in the clasp for the harness--it brought up a blood blister right away.
Works for us By
January 1, 2004
This stroller is great on and off paved surfaces. After using the Kolcraft single passenger Jeep stroller for two years, I feel that this is similar in performance. I would not use it for running as the brake bar can be accidentally stepped on causing a painful quick stop. I put my boys in it for daily walks since the youngest was 8 weeks. The removable (and washable) seat pads are great to help keep my little one supported. At 34 inches and 32 lbs, my 2 year old is comfortable and has room to grow. I do not use the 'nap bar'. There is a big pouch on the back of the stroller but I miss a molded plastic console for drinks. Storage below is divided, but hard to access. I have had no problems getting this through most commercial doorways. To get it in my house, it has to be folded. To put it in the van, I pop the front wheel up into the van and then push the rest in as I fold it. When it is folded, the plastic receiving ends for the nap bar make a nice handle to lift by.
Great value for a lightweight aluminum bike By
October 12, 2009
I paid $140 for this bike with free shipping. Most bikes in this price range have heavy steel frames. This one has an aluminum frame, rims and other components and is way lighter. You do have to assemble it and will most likely need to adjust the shift mechanisms. The manual provides instructions on how to do this. The assembly is easy but if you're not inclined to do the adjustments, you could take it to a bike shop for the tuning. My 11 year old loves the bike - it has cool features and a nice color scheme.
dont listen to bob newhart By
June 24, 2008
it is the best
Son loves it. By
August 11, 2009
We got the trailer and it put together easy. I did notice that the bar had a major scratch on it right out of the box, I didn't mind it since it didn't conflict with the riding, but didn't expect a scratch from a new product.
Overall, it's a great product and my son loves riding with me. I would recommend it.
martell By
June 20, 2008
i love bike
Great double stroller By
July 13, 2009
I bought this stroller for my infant and 3yr old to ride in together. This stroller has both pros and cons, but for the money the pros out weigh the cons. I was hesitant to even buy a double stroller because my 3yr son is very tall and large for his age, but he fits just fine in this stroller and enjoys riding in it without any complaints. I tried out other more expensive strollers from friends, but he was too tall and the seats just did not work for his size.
Pros: Fully adjustable canopy, rotates forward as needed and is large compared to other strollers we tried.
Seats large enough for tall 45lb 3yr old
Seats are cushioned, our 4 month old loves to ride in the stroller without any infant insert needed
Swivel wheel was a must have after trying a stroller without one first
Stroller provides various pockets for storage and comes with a parent storage holder for keys, snacks, etc., also large under the stroller storage
Wheels are large and along with the suspension seems to provide a smooth ride for us even on very bumpy sidewalks while running.
Very easy to put together.
The locking system on the swivel wheel is my biggest con, as it seems like a flimsy design, the pin could be longer and bigger to provide a sturdy feel when the wheel is locked. Since it is not a tight fight with the pin in place, I can feel the wheel shifting a little while running, but has not caused any problems...I know higher end strollers seem to have a better locking system.
The under the stroller storage basket is a bit useless while running because of the angle of the tilt, I think things would bounce out while running, but walking would be just fine.
The stroller seems to be sturdy enough, but the wheels in back do not have a tight fit and therefore make squeaking noises while walking and running, this could also be due to the weight difference I have from my infant and 3yr old, but the wheels could fit a bit better either way.
I would have preferred a split canopy, as my 3yr old does not always need the shade pulled all the way as our infant does, but not a big deal.
Overall, the cons have not posed any problems for using the stroller or enjoying the ride for my kids. We would not even notice the little things if we did not have a very high end single stroller to compare this one to.
It is a very good double stroller for the money and fits our needs of having seats large enough to fit our son.
Ecstatic By
October 8, 2010
This Trike more than met my expectations. The design is sleek and the color is amazing. My 2 1/2 year old grandson is putting it through it's paces and so far the Trike has been able to handle everything he is dishing out. I love the fact that the center of gravity is such that not even he will be able to tip it over going around corners. This is a must have for a rambunctious toddler.
this is great By
February 24, 2008
this bike was gret it had great fuctions when i went off road i recemend this bike to any moutain biker.

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