Great double stroller By
July 13, 2009
I bought this stroller for my infant and 3yr old to ride in together. This stroller has both pros and cons, but for the money the pros out weigh the cons. I was hesitant to even buy a double stroller because my 3yr son is very tall and large for his age, but he fits just fine in this stroller and enjoys riding in it without any complaints. I tried out other more expensive strollers from friends, but he was too tall and the seats just did not work for his size.
Pros: Fully adjustable canopy, rotates forward as needed and is large compared to other strollers we tried.
Seats large enough for tall 45lb 3yr old
Seats are cushioned, our 4 month old loves to ride in the stroller without any infant insert needed
Swivel wheel was a must have after trying a stroller without one first
Stroller provides various pockets for storage and comes with a parent storage holder for keys, snacks, etc., also large under the stroller storage
Wheels are large and along with the suspension seems to provide a smooth ride for us even on very bumpy sidewalks while running.
Very easy to put together.
The locking system on the swivel wheel is my biggest con, as it seems like a flimsy design, the pin could be longer and bigger to provide a sturdy feel when the wheel is locked. Since it is not a tight fight with the pin in place, I can feel the wheel shifting a little while running, but has not caused any problems...I know higher end strollers seem to have a better locking system.
The under the stroller storage basket is a bit useless while running because of the angle of the tilt, I think things would bounce out while running, but walking would be just fine.
The stroller seems to be sturdy enough, but the wheels in back do not have a tight fit and therefore make squeaking noises while walking and running, this could also be due to the weight difference I have from my infant and 3yr old, but the wheels could fit a bit better either way.
I would have preferred a split canopy, as my 3yr old does not always need the shade pulled all the way as our infant does, but not a big deal.
Overall, the cons have not posed any problems for using the stroller or enjoying the ride for my kids. We would not even notice the little things if we did not have a very high end single stroller to compare this one to.
It is a very good double stroller for the money and fits our needs of having seats large enough to fit our son.
fun bike By
June 28, 2009
Great stroller, great buy By
February 1, 2007
We shopped for quite a while looking for a double jogger, and are really glad we found this Schwinn stroller. It has solid construction, is comfortable for the kids, has great features and is an *outstanding* bargain. The stroller truly exceeds our expectations, especially for the price.
dont listen to bob newhart By
June 24, 2008
it is the best
Busy one year old loves it. By
May 29, 2012
This trike is perfect for a mobile one year old who is always on the go. He can't reach the pedals and is content with being pushed. He is learning about the steering by holding on and also learning how to balance before he has to. Not having to learn everything at once is great for this busy boy.
Great bike By
May 27, 2008
This is a great bike, and our 4 year old son loves it. Assembly is super simple, attached the seat, the pedals, the front wheel, the handle bars, and the training wheels. Assembly takes all of about 15 minutes. The only reason I gave this bike 4 stars instead of 5 is that the plates over the spokes makes it difficult to pump up the tires. There is very limited room to access the Valve stem. I recommend taking the tires off the bike, removing the plates over the spokes, pumping the tires, then reassembling. Also if you have limited garage space, the plates over the spokes prevent you from using the normal bike hooks to hang the bike from the garage ceiling.
Great STroller By
August 17, 2009
Easy to get around on pavement as well as the caliche track. Assembly was all of about 5 minutes. Nice product
i need a bike By
December 4, 2008
it is awsome
bike trailer/stroller By
June 27, 2009
Super easy to switch from trailer to stroller. I felt safe with both kids in the back. I was looking forward to a great workout pulling the kids, but surprisingly it wasn't much harder to ride the bike with them on the back.
Love the swivel and compact fold By
January 1, 2004
I've had my jogger for a month now and I am very happy with it. I struggled a lot over buying a higher end jogger that has a stationary front wheel. But I am very pleased that I didn't do that. For me, the two greatest reasons for getting the jogger was its functionality and it portability. First of all, I wanted a jogger to help me get back into shape with my two boys (22mos. 3mos.) B/4 i had my kids, I would go to the gym 3-4 times a week. after they were born, I thought i could pick up jogging with them. But I really am not an avid jogger, and could not afford a costly buy on just a dream. So now we are part of the YMCA and I get to walk around with my kids at the park or the mall. This jogger is great for this type of recreation and can fit thru most (not all) doors. The swivel is awesome and makes the walks more enjoyable. My oldest son loves going for walks and having his little bro beside him. He also likes the bar across him to help prop himself up. The factor that sold me on this item was that it could fold compact enuf to fit into the trunk of a sedan. I tried out another expensive jogger, but it did not fit into my Camry. With the Safari, youcan pop off the wheels(though you don't need to) and fold it enuf to fit in nicely to the trunk (you need to release it from the latch to make it fold more). I can even fit my other single stroller in the trunk with it. The downside to this jogger is that the brake rubs against the wheel ( i think we'll use a bungie cord to lift it up) and the cover does not provide enough shade. Other than that, I am really happy with this purchase and my whole family is happy too.

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