Recaro - safest and most advanced baby seat manufactured By
January 1, 2004
This is the best and safest seat on the market! Spend the money ? the one seat for ages 1-8. We even bought a 2nd Recaro seat (Young Style-booster).
Awesome seat By
July 26, 2009
OK, Dad likes to drive on a race track, so the Recaro name goes a long way with me. I was not disappointed. This seat is built like a tank. I think the baby is the most protected person in the car - and that's great. It was a toss up between this seat and the Britax, both are highly rated. My car sickness pushed me to the Recaro and I am happy. I saw the Britax in Babys R Us and think that the Recaro is a much better seat. It even fits my little 20 year old BMW (Recaro made the front seats in that one!). The LATCH system is great in my wife's newer car - better than the Chicco infant seat base, and the lap belt system works great in Dad's old car. The only down sides are that the seat is quite heavy and it is sooo padded that the little meatball can get hot.
Sturdy By
March 17, 2014
This is a sturdy and well built booster. The yellow green coloring is on the bright side and some may consider it unappealing to the eye ;) For the cost of a Recaro, can't beat it. It just wish the arms would lift up
Very pleased By
July 14, 2009
The only complaint I have is that it's not super easy to get my daughter out of the seat when rear-facing. That may be more the fault of my small car (WRX wagon) than the seat. I haven't tried it in other cars. Otherwise, it seems to be a well-engineered seat with very comfortable fabric and cushioning.
Better than Britax Boulevard CS By
June 30, 2009
I own both. The one benefit to the Britax Boulevard CS is that the straps seem to get twisted less. Otherwise, the Recaro Signo is much better looking, just as comfortable and has all the same features. I think it's profile is a little bit smaller, so good for tall parents who need to put their seats back. My 10 month old is in the 97% percentile, and she's totally comfortable. Love it!
Comfy, safe By
June 30, 2009
As our daughter approached 1 year (and the limits of her Peg Perego SIP 30/30 Infant Seat), my husband and I cast about for a similarly safe, comfortable seat. Ultimately the tipping point for the Recaro, in addition to its impressive safety record, sturdy construction and obvious comfort, was the head support. We liked the idea that our daughter could fall asleep during long car rides in comfort with her head and neck supported.

When we received and installed the Recaro Signo, it did not disappoint. This is a well made, sturdy, safe car seat. And our daughter took to the new seat with glee.

We chose to installed the seat rear-facing in our Lexus RX 300 until our daughter reaches the 35 lb weight limit for rear-facing. The seat fits wonderfully in the middle of the backseat. Plenty of room in the back seat on either side, plenty of room for the front seats -- even room for the front passenger seat to fully recline!

We couldn't be more happy with our decision.
Love it!!!! Greatest car seat ever!!!! By
June 27, 2009
My husband decided to buy a Recaro carseat for our daughter because he had a Mitsubishi Evolution and loved how the seats felt. I have to say, it was the best decision he made! Our daughter is protected and comfortable in this carseat. The head support is great when she falls asleep. Her head does not slouch. The seat looks great and feels great. There is a lot of cushion around all of the area. We just ordered another one for my husband's car. We definitely recommend buying a Recaro. Great product!!!
fantastic seat By
August 15, 2009
I have three children and this was purchased for my littlest. She is a large 5 month old who outgrew the infant seat. She is so safe and comfortable in this seat. It looks large when you take it out of the box however it fits great in the back seat of my mid-size SUV with two booster seats on either side. I have never felt such a high quality seat material and my little one loves to ride in it. The infant headrest adjusts easier to fit her and she is safe and secure. I wish they made these 7 years ago when I had my first daughter.
Perfect By
July 9, 2009
This product is outstanding. Just what I expected from RECARO. The booklet that tells you how everything works is a little small, but I figured it out. Price is right. Pick up the other seats available, and you will know you made the right choice.
The best car seat ever By
June 29, 2009
I will just try this seat out. Ordered it for my four month old son, who grow out the regular infant carseat. I wanted something I can count on, and safe. This seat seems like that, and comfi too.

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