Awesome seat By
October 25, 2009
This is a phenomenal product. Coming from a racing background I was very interested in recaro. The seat has surpassed all my expectaions. The latch mechanism are very easy to use as opposed to conventional style, great padding for safety, and very comfortable. My daughter sits in it completely relaxed and very comfortably. The padding us also very comforting when she falls asleep in it. Babyage had the seat at my house in two days. The best online shopping experience ever.
Wonderful By
July 16, 2009
I already have the britax diplomat and I would say that this one is so much better!
Wonderful Car Seat! By
July 6, 2009
I did a lot of back and forth between this seat and the Britax. I love this seat, but not as much as my daughter! She's 6-months and I'm using the seat for any longer rides so she's more comfortable. It is a bigger seat though, and it's a little challenging to get her in and out of the car (rear-facing installation). I installed the seat behind the driver seat so seeing out the sides and back aren't a problem. I feel very confident that she's safe though! The last thing I would say is I thought this would be the last seat I would need to get for her, but it's only suggested to be used for 6 years from the date of manufacture. (Of course, by then she'll only need a little booster anyway.) Aside from those small things, it is absolutely wonderful!
Great Product!! By
July 12, 2012
We are highly satisfied with this car seat. The materials used are incredibly soft and comfortable to the touch, yet very durable and supportive. The small details, such as the padding on the shoulder straps and the ease with which the angle of the seat can be adjusted become key features since they have been so successfully implemented. This is especially true for the 5-point harness, which fits snug and comfortably and even includes a soft fabric "shield" between the child and the buckles to prevent any accidental pinching. Love it!!! I would recommend this seat to anyone! Our other choice was the Diono Radian, but we are so pleased to have gone with the Recaro instead and we won't be changing our minds.
AWESOME product! By
July 9, 2009
After originally being concerned about the price of this car seat while doing my reasearch, I decided on the Recaro Signo...I told my husband, thinking that he would have a problem paying that much, I was prepared to stand my ground...safety is #1, however I was pleasantly surprised when he responded with a, "hell yes"! What I didn't realize was that Recaro makes race seats. What guy wouldn't want his little boy riding in a seat designed and made by the same people who design race seats? If people in the racing world trust Recaro seats to protect their drivers, I can definitely put my trust in them to protect my little boy. When you order a Recaro, you know you're getting the best in safety.

We received our order on time and couldn't wait to install it. Originally we thought that we would put it on the passenger side of our rear seats so we could see him (we have captain chairs in our SUV) but the car seat is so large that it makes seeing out that window next to impossible and makes the already bad blind spots, worse. So behind the drivers seat is where it's installed. Also, we had to put a towel under the seat to make it level, but it states in the installation instructions that you MAY need to use a towel or a pool noodle.

Our lil Man LOVES his new seat! He still is rear facing because he's not 30lbs yet, but he was too long for his infant seat. He'll have much more room when we turn it forward facing once he's a year old and 30lbs. There is no mirror out there (that I've found) that will allow you to see your child while it's rear facing in this seat, but his coos and giggles let me know he's ok and happy. Once the seat gets turned around, seeing him won't be a problem.

Our Recaro Signo was manufactured during the time of the recall, however I checked the Recaro website and followed the instructions on how/where to check out our seat, it's perfectly fine...no defects to be found.

Overall AWESOME product so far.

PS - Thank you BabyAge.com for the great discount on this seat!
fantastic seat By
August 15, 2009
I have three children and this was purchased for my littlest. She is a large 5 month old who outgrew the infant seat. She is so safe and comfortable in this seat. It looks large when you take it out of the box however it fits great in the back seat of my mid-size SUV with two booster seats on either side. I have never felt such a high quality seat material and my little one loves to ride in it. The infant headrest adjusts easier to fit her and she is safe and secure. I wish they made these 7 years ago when I had my first daughter.
Better than Britax Boulevard CS By
June 30, 2009
I own both. The one benefit to the Britax Boulevard CS is that the straps seem to get twisted less. Otherwise, the Recaro Signo is much better looking, just as comfortable and has all the same features. I think it's profile is a little bit smaller, so good for tall parents who need to put their seats back. My 10 month old is in the 97% percentile, and she's totally comfortable. Love it!
The best car seat ever By
June 29, 2009
I will just try this seat out. Ordered it for my four month old son, who grow out the regular infant carseat. I wanted something I can count on, and safe. This seat seems like that, and comfi too.
Excellent Product By
June 27, 2009
This is the best car seat ever. It is easy to use, easy to install, and my son looks so comfortable in it. It is sturdy and well-built and looks like it would provide strong protection in an accident.
Peace of Mind By
October 14, 2010
I bought the Recaro Pro Sport for my son as he was approaching 40 lbs. I had the Cosco Alpha Omega Elite Seat prior and liked that seat as well. However, that seat was only rated to 40 lbs in the harness. My son is tall for his age and was nearing the weight limit for that seat prior to his 3rd birthday. I was not ready for him to begin using it in the booster mode (as it is rated to 100lbs in that way) so I began my search for another seat. I was looking for a seat with a higher weight harness capability so that pretty much narrowed down my search to about 3 brands (Sunshine Kids, Britax, and Recaro). I read the reviews on ALL of them, talked with people that owned some of them and then ultimately deciced to go with the Recaro. I think the deciding factor was the Easy Adjust no-rethread harness. This is a really great feature. My previous car seat had this as well and it is a feature I was not willing to give up. I was also concerned about the maximum height allowance for the seats becasue my son is tall. I wanted to be assurred that he would not outgrow this one too soon. We purchased 2 seats right away. They were easy to install and DO NOT move at all. I have them installed in a Buick Rendezvous and a Dodge Ram Quad Cab and were easy in both. My son seems very comfortable in the seat and I am very pleased with the amount of head and side protection that the seat offers. I thankfully have not been involved in any sort of accident so I cannot say how it stands up in that way, and I am hoping I never find out, but I do feel that I have done what I can to protect my "precious cargo". I would definitely recommend this seat.

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