fantastic seat By
August 15, 2009
I have three children and this was purchased for my littlest. She is a large 5 month old who outgrew the infant seat. She is so safe and comfortable in this seat. It looks large when you take it out of the box however it fits great in the back seat of my mid-size SUV with two booster seats on either side. I have never felt such a high quality seat material and my little one loves to ride in it. The infant headrest adjusts easier to fit her and she is safe and secure. I wish they made these 7 years ago when I had my first daughter.
My WIFE said thizzzzz is the one!!!!! By
March 10, 2009
We were looking for the best car seat for are coming newborn babygirl and felt the great opportunity this car brings to the baby
Love this seat but don't buy it if your child is BIG for their age! By
September 18, 2008
I love this carseat..Safest in the market. Bought it for my daughter almost 3 years ago when she was 1. She is now almost 4 and weighs 33lbs. 5-point harness fits her perfectly and probably will for at least 1 more year--I admit she is on the skinny side. If your child is more rounder in the upper body or mid-section than you might want to consider another brand because it may seem a little cramp for them. The price is incrediably fair and I would even say I'd be willing to pay more for it---their customer service is EXCELLENT! Had a problem in the 2nd month of purchase, called them, they called me back immediately and fedex overnight a brand new designed improved one to me and even some free gifts (cup and keychain). Recaro has made race seats for adults for years and any racer whether nascar, F1, etc. out there knows their reputation for safety and quality thru their decades of testing and knowledge. The 1 star reviewer probably didn't know this which is sad because this is probably the safest seat out there---
I am about to purchase a second one for my little boy!
Great Car Seat By
July 29, 2009
I love these car seats. They appear very comfortable and they are very soft. The one thing is with the straps. I didn't think they could be so twisty, but they are. You have to make sure you loosen the straps all the way and lay them over the edges, and then they are ok when you put your child back in. I got the discounted price, received my seats (I ordered two) and neither were part of the recall. I feel like I got a GREAT deal!!!! I feel like my kids are in the best seats they could be in, and I love that the harness weight is so high---they will be safe for years to come!! I would recommend these to anyone!!
Love this seat! By
January 13, 2009
We were looking for a convertible seat for my husband's vehicle when I came across the Como. I read up on it and decided to take the plunge.
We absolutely love it. It was easy to install, has great padding and looks really classyTo top it all, it has great safety features and a fabulous weight and height limits.
AWESOME product! By
July 9, 2009
After originally being concerned about the price of this car seat while doing my reasearch, I decided on the Recaro Signo...I told my husband, thinking that he would have a problem paying that much, I was prepared to stand my ground...safety is #1, however I was pleasantly surprised when he responded with a, "hell yes"! What I didn't realize was that Recaro makes race seats. What guy wouldn't want his little boy riding in a seat designed and made by the same people who design race seats? If people in the racing world trust Recaro seats to protect their drivers, I can definitely put my trust in them to protect my little boy. When you order a Recaro, you know you're getting the best in safety.

We received our order on time and couldn't wait to install it. Originally we thought that we would put it on the passenger side of our rear seats so we could see him (we have captain chairs in our SUV) but the car seat is so large that it makes seeing out that window next to impossible and makes the already bad blind spots, worse. So behind the drivers seat is where it's installed. Also, we had to put a towel under the seat to make it level, but it states in the installation instructions that you MAY need to use a towel or a pool noodle.

Our lil Man LOVES his new seat! He still is rear facing because he's not 30lbs yet, but he was too long for his infant seat. He'll have much more room when we turn it forward facing once he's a year old and 30lbs. There is no mirror out there (that I've found) that will allow you to see your child while it's rear facing in this seat, but his coos and giggles let me know he's ok and happy. Once the seat gets turned around, seeing him won't be a problem.

Our Recaro Signo was manufactured during the time of the recall, however I checked the Recaro website and followed the instructions on how/where to check out our seat, it's perfectly fine...no defects to be found.

Overall AWESOME product so far.

PS - Thank you BabyAge.com for the great discount on this seat!
Safety and Comfort! By
February 20, 2009
An excellent car seat, by far! Replaced our other car seat (by a different manufacturer) for my 14 mo old and I am impressed. The safety and comfort features are top notch and evident! Recaro knows how to make safe seats....their reputation precedes them.
Can't Have Seats Side-by-Side By
August 6, 2009
I bought a Recaro Signo for my 9 month old when his car seat was lost at an airport while we were flying across country. I was extremely pleased with how safe it felt, I mean I can't even get it to move 1/2 an inch now that it is all strapped in. So I wanted to buy one for my 2 year old because his Eddie Bauer car seat just did not feel very safe at all. I ordered it and 2 days later I got it from BabyAge, which I am extremely happy about. I went to install it in our truck and they fit fine side-by-side BUT since the latch clips are so thick on these, they wouldn't both fit on the latch bar. It was about 1/4 inch too small. And this is in a huge truck, Im assuming all latch bars are the same length. So I had to install my rear facing carseat not in the middle seat but behind the driver seat next to the window. I was extremely disappointed in this even though I still feel that these seats are very safe in them selves. I am going to buy a window protector so if God-forbid I was in an accident and the window breaks, it won't get all over my infant.
Awesome seat By
July 26, 2009
OK, Dad likes to drive on a race track, so the Recaro name goes a long way with me. I was not disappointed. This seat is built like a tank. I think the baby is the most protected person in the car - and that's great. It was a toss up between this seat and the Britax, both are highly rated. My car sickness pushed me to the Recaro and I am happy. I saw the Britax in Babys R Us and think that the Recaro is a much better seat. It even fits my little 20 year old BMW (Recaro made the front seats in that one!). The LATCH system is great in my wife's newer car - better than the Chicco infant seat base, and the lap belt system works great in Dad's old car. The only down sides are that the seat is quite heavy and it is sooo padded that the little meatball can get hot.
June 27, 2009
This is the second Recaro Signo we've purchased. Our 2-year old is in one and this one was for our 3-month old. Keeps our kids safe and comfy and in a 5-point as long as possible!

Got this one in a great deal from BabyAge - doesn't get any better. :)

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