November 1, 2009
What a great car seat ... talk about riding in comfort.
Better than Britax By
January 1, 2004
I never thought I'd be saying that after having a Roundabout for 3 years, but after my little girl had outgrown her favorite seat, a new search had begun. She is petite but at that difficult in-between stage...she just fits in a Britax highback booster but at 32 pounds, not safely enough for our peace of mind. Then she's too big for the Marathon. So, 1 returned car seat later (the Eddie Bauer Summit which slid around in our van's latchless captains chairs like a hockey puck on ice)we started looking at the Decathalon, the Boulevard and the Recaro Young Sport. Other reviewers are right--my little girl complained immediately that the Boulevard's center crotch buckle piece was hurting her and the Decathalon didn't leave her much height to grow. As soon as we put her in the Recaro, she said "I want this one! I love it!" The seat depth was perfect, and the padded buckle was soft. Some adjustable height boosters have padding that pushes the kids' upper back forward and cause them to slouch forward but Recaro's seat back padding is thick and flat. After one try of installing it by myself, it was in tight and wouldn't budge! The shoulder strap actually crosses the frame of the seat and holds it in tight. The side impact molding is surprisingly hard and sturdy and I feel so secure knowing that her head and body are protected. I am so glad we can keep her in a harness till she gains more weight. I would recommend this seat to anyone whose child is in that transition stage! The store told us to keep the tags on in case we wanted to return it but my little girl said to me.."mommy lets take those tags off--I never want to return this seat!"
Very Happy with Purchase. By
July 13, 2009
Amazing seat By
May 22, 2009
Perfect for our son to sleep in, very very safe (he was in one of these in the back seat of our mini van when my wife was rear-ended by a truck destroying the van - he did not even get a scratch or a bruise - the neck guards are very protective). It is a comfortable seat that is each to use... We like it much better than Britax models. Will get another one for our next child.
Worth every penny! By
July 6, 2009
We have been using two Signo seats for over a year now, and we could not be happier with the safety, performance, or appearance (they still look like new). Although this seat is very easy to transfer from car to car, this third purchase was dedicated to Grandma's car. The safety of our 21 month baby boy is number one. The 5 point harness (to 70 pounds) and the easy shoulder strap adjustment (just turn the knob!) make this simple for grandma to use. It is a very comfortable seat, even on long road trips.
Comfy, safe By
June 30, 2009
As our daughter approached 1 year (and the limits of her Peg Perego SIP 30/30 Infant Seat), my husband and I cast about for a similarly safe, comfortable seat. Ultimately the tipping point for the Recaro, in addition to its impressive safety record, sturdy construction and obvious comfort, was the head support. We liked the idea that our daughter could fall asleep during long car rides in comfort with her head and neck supported.

When we received and installed the Recaro Signo, it did not disappoint. This is a well made, sturdy, safe car seat. And our daughter took to the new seat with glee.

We chose to installed the seat rear-facing in our Lexus RX 300 until our daughter reaches the 35 lb weight limit for rear-facing. The seat fits wonderfully in the middle of the backseat. Plenty of room in the back seat on either side, plenty of room for the front seats -- even room for the front passenger seat to fully recline!

We couldn't be more happy with our decision.
It got here fast, in great condition, product matched the description By
January 31, 2011
As stated above, everything was great and it arrived sooner than expected. By comparison, had ordered some chinos from Banana a week earlier and they only beat this by a day. Not bad considering the size difference of the boxes. Would definitely order from them again.
Comfy and safe By
September 29, 2009
Love It! My son who is 12months old looks and I know he feels so comfortable in the seat. Besides all of the many great safety points which surpass the vast majority of other seats, his head never flops around or hangs forward when he falls asleep. The cloth material is soft and easily spot washes (and machine) and the plastic is much more sturdy than others. I am so glad I bought it, love this seat!
Very happy with this purchase By
June 28, 2009
I am very thrilled with this booster seat. The first thing my 5 year old said when he sat in it for the first time was "Wow, this is really comfortable"! Can't get any better than that. Fits in my car nicely and is lightweight enough to move easily between cars. Would definitely recommend it to others.
Good quality By
August 15, 2009
Very good quality and very easy to install

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