Love it!! By
February 26, 2009
We loved our car seat so much for my car that we bought one for my husbands car. We love how easy they are to get in and out of the cars when needed. Not to mention how stylish they look.
Awesome seat By
July 26, 2009
OK, Dad likes to drive on a race track, so the Recaro name goes a long way with me. I was not disappointed. This seat is built like a tank. I think the baby is the most protected person in the car - and that's great. It was a toss up between this seat and the Britax, both are highly rated. My car sickness pushed me to the Recaro and I am happy. I saw the Britax in Babys R Us and think that the Recaro is a much better seat. It even fits my little 20 year old BMW (Recaro made the front seats in that one!). The LATCH system is great in my wife's newer car - better than the Chicco infant seat base, and the lap belt system works great in Dad's old car. The only down sides are that the seat is quite heavy and it is sooo padded that the little meatball can get hot.
fantastic seat By
August 15, 2009
I have three children and this was purchased for my littlest. She is a large 5 month old who outgrew the infant seat. She is so safe and comfortable in this seat. It looks large when you take it out of the box however it fits great in the back seat of my mid-size SUV with two booster seats on either side. I have never felt such a high quality seat material and my little one loves to ride in it. The infant headrest adjusts easier to fit her and she is safe and secure. I wish they made these 7 years ago when I had my first daughter.
exactly as described By
February 13, 2011
I ordered this only due to the great reviews( the low price tag had me worried).
I was very pleased with the quality and the ease of installation.
Fast shipping. Item was arrived in a good condition By
October 4, 2009
This is the second Recaro Signo in our family. As our first child enjoy the seat so much, we decide to have the same model (different color) for our second.
Great car seat, rock solid install By
June 28, 2009
We absolutly love this car seat. It fits in rock solid in our Subaru Forester (which are known for being tough to find a good fit). The seat is very well made, super comfortable, with great SIP. BabyAge shipping was super quick. We really couldn't ask for more!
Perfect By
July 9, 2009
This product is outstanding. Just what I expected from RECARO. The booklet that tells you how everything works is a little small, but I figured it out. Price is right. Pick up the other seats available, and you will know you made the right choice.
Comfortable, safe seat By
September 12, 2009
We installed the Recaro today, and my son loves it! He didn't complain being in the car at all today, and we were out doing errands for nearly four hours. He also took a nap in the car, which he very rarely does, and slept for more than an hour. Once we got out, he wasn't sweaty at all, and we live in South Florida, where it's easily 90 degrees in the summer. With his hold Chicco Keyfit he was dripping with sweat after a short ride. This is definitely a comfy, safe chair. The covering is very soft, and it's smartly designed, with little nooks and hooks to keep all of the parts in place when you aren't using them. I'm very happy with this.
October 12, 2009
Love it so far!
Great Seat By
June 27, 2009
I spent a lot of time reviewing different options when choosing a second seat for my daughter. We had purchased a Combi Zeus Turn (which is still in my husband's truck) before she was born, but needed a second seat as I was returning to work. I did not want a second Zeus Turn, because although we are extremely pleased with it, it will really not hold her rear-facing past her first birthday, and I wanted something with a higher RF weight limit. This seat received very high ratings on a few car seat boards, and after reviewing the manufacturer website also I was convinced it was the best seat out there.

BabyAge.com has (by far) the best price for this seat. We received it only three days after placing our order, and have been extremely pleased so far. It was easy to adjust for our daughter, and ridiculously simple to install in the car using the RF LATCH setup. Even though it has no top tether option when RF, as the Combi does, it feels just as secure in the car. The seat is very well padded for comfort and support, and the fabric is plush. My daughter looks very cozy in it (even when sleeping, the side impact head supports and the cushy strap pads keep her head from slumping).

The only negative I will give it (and this is just an opinion as I have no personal experience with it) is that although it is rated for infants 5-35lb RF, there is no way I could see this seat being suitable for a newborn. I do not think the head supports or the harness straps will go low enough, and I do not think there is a sufficient tilt to keep them from being all hunched over. My daughter is 8 months old, and this seat is perfect now, and I can see it growing well with her. I would not recommend this as a first-buy seat for someone with a newborn...get an infant seat first and then switch to this once it is outgrown.

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