Love it!!!! Greatest car seat ever!!!! By
June 27, 2009
My husband decided to buy a Recaro carseat for our daughter because he had a Mitsubishi Evolution and loved how the seats felt. I have to say, it was the best decision he made! Our daughter is protected and comfortable in this carseat. The head support is great when she falls asleep. Her head does not slouch. The seat looks great and feels great. There is a lot of cushion around all of the area. We just ordered another one for my husband's car. We definitely recommend buying a Recaro. Great product!!!
Good Seat By
October 22, 2009
I have no experience with the high end seats (Britax). We have an Alpha Omega Elite in one car which has good reviews for a less expensive seat. The difference in price for this seat is minimal and it seems much safer and more plush for my daughter. I had read somewhere that this seat is the same as it's european conterpart which is not the case for Britax seats. The european standards are supposed to higher for car seats than in the US. That fact alone sold me on this seat.
October 19, 2009
style and function By
October 24, 2009
we love the large side impact pads on this seat. our child can sleep much more comfortably and soundly in this seat, without having her head flop around or droop at an awkward angle. belt adjustment is super easy, so you always have the right fit, and we have not experienced any problems with twisting. buckles are sturdy and work well. and, even though you might think these colors would make the seat look dirty ALL the time, it actually cleans up *really* well with just vacuuming and a damp cloth.
Mother of 9 By
October 8, 2009
This is a fabulous car seat.. we have children with special needs. Not only is this car seat as solid as they come, it is so great if the kids are sleeping.. no bobble head..
We have four of these carseats.
Comfy and safe By
September 29, 2009
Love It! My son who is 12months old looks and I know he feels so comfortable in the seat. Besides all of the many great safety points which surpass the vast majority of other seats, his head never flops around or hangs forward when he falls asleep. The cloth material is soft and easily spot washes (and machine) and the plastic is much more sturdy than others. I am so glad I bought it, love this seat!
Comfortable, safe seat By
September 12, 2009
We installed the Recaro today, and my son loves it! He didn't complain being in the car at all today, and we were out doing errands for nearly four hours. He also took a nap in the car, which he very rarely does, and slept for more than an hour. Once we got out, he wasn't sweaty at all, and we live in South Florida, where it's easily 90 degrees in the summer. With his hold Chicco Keyfit he was dripping with sweat after a short ride. This is definitely a comfy, safe chair. The covering is very soft, and it's smartly designed, with little nooks and hooks to keep all of the parts in place when you aren't using them. I'm very happy with this.
best among the carseats in the market !! worth the money ! By
January 1, 2004
This is the best purchase that i have done for my baby, being a first time mom, and seeing so many different products in the market I could not make up my mind in buying. I read about and heard about the recaro carseats from my friends in Europe. And finally made up mind to buy this one instead of britax boulevard. I am very very happy about the purcahse. I see my little one so comfortable in it. She never makes a fuss to sit in it. It works great for long drive's. The seat is so plush that you can not feel the body of the carseat. I checked almost all the carseats in babyiesrus and target, even the most expenisive carseat Britax did not have plush seat. The safty features are as same as Britax boulevard. Dont forget that these seats are made by the people who manufacture the carseat for sports cars. I works well in my Honda accord, it does not bulky like the other seats in the market.I am happy and my baby is very happy and comfy in this, you will not regret buying this one.
Pro indeed! By
March 11, 2011
We already owned a YoungSport, so when our old Britax was totalled (empty) in a collision & insurance told us they'd reimburse for replacement, we didn't think twice. The upgrades in this current model make adjustment even easier. Only drawback is that our GoGo Babyz Kidz Travelmate wheels won't attach to this model when we travel by air, but we'll just use the YoungSport then. Go, Recaro!
Better than Britax Boulevard CS By
June 30, 2009
I own both. The one benefit to the Britax Boulevard CS is that the straps seem to get twisted less. Otherwise, the Recaro Signo is much better looking, just as comfortable and has all the same features. I think it's profile is a little bit smaller, so good for tall parents who need to put their seats back. My 10 month old is in the 97% percentile, and she's totally comfortable. Love it!

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