Great Seat By
October 16, 2009
Excellent Product By
June 27, 2009
This is the best car seat ever. It is easy to use, easy to install, and my son looks so comfortable in it. It is sturdy and well-built and looks like it would provide strong protection in an accident.
June 27, 2009
This is the second Recaro Signo we've purchased. Our 2-year old is in one and this one was for our 3-month old. Keeps our kids safe and comfy and in a 5-point as long as possible!

Got this one in a great deal from BabyAge - doesn't get any better. :)
Great car seat, rock solid install By
June 28, 2009
We absolutly love this car seat. It fits in rock solid in our Subaru Forester (which are known for being tough to find a good fit). The seat is very well made, super comfortable, with great SIP. BabyAge shipping was super quick. We really couldn't ask for more!
Perfect By
July 9, 2009
This product is outstanding. Just what I expected from RECARO. The booklet that tells you how everything works is a little small, but I figured it out. Price is right. Pick up the other seats available, and you will know you made the right choice.
not bad By
October 27, 2009
I like that this seat sits high up, so my daughter can see out the window. For me, the negatives are that the straps seem to get tangled easily, and the neck protectors are so thick, my daugther hates them and she seems very uncomfortable with them. My other car seat is a Britax and I love that it has the velcro to hold the straps out of the way so you dont have to dig under your child to get them out. Not sure why other brands have not caught on to that simple yet wonderful thing. This seat is big and bulky. I would not recommend it for a small car (i have a suv so it's ok). Overall not bad for the price and it seems really cushy and comfortable (other than those strap covers)
August 21, 2009
The name says it all By
August 16, 2009
This is the second Recaro we bought... for the second car. Although it sits a bit higher than some of the others, the comfort and safety (not too mention peace of mind) is bar none, the best. Even the fact that our two-year old sits a bit higher, he is all the better for it, he can keep an eye on the road and learn as he goes. I highly recommend it: easy to install and made by race car seat experts (safety being top priority). The only draw back... cleaning the materials thoroughly means taking things apart. If you are not as thorough as I am, you can easily clean the surface material -- I just like making sure I get it all clean, including behind the covers. Good luck...
Can't Have Seats Side-by-Side By
August 6, 2009
I bought a Recaro Signo for my 9 month old when his car seat was lost at an airport while we were flying across country. I was extremely pleased with how safe it felt, I mean I can't even get it to move 1/2 an inch now that it is all strapped in. So I wanted to buy one for my 2 year old because his Eddie Bauer car seat just did not feel very safe at all. I ordered it and 2 days later I got it from BabyAge, which I am extremely happy about. I went to install it in our truck and they fit fine side-by-side BUT since the latch clips are so thick on these, they wouldn't both fit on the latch bar. It was about 1/4 inch too small. And this is in a huge truck, Im assuming all latch bars are the same length. So I had to install my rear facing carseat not in the middle seat but behind the driver seat next to the window. I was extremely disappointed in this even though I still feel that these seats are very safe in them selves. I am going to buy a window protector so if God-forbid I was in an accident and the window breaks, it won't get all over my infant.
The safest car seat! By
June 3, 2009
Our 3-year-old outgrew her German car seat and we had a really hard time finding another safe car seat here. Well, after months of research and trying out car seats - this is the one!!! It doesn't have cup holders and it is expensive, but it is the safest available car seat we found on the market for our daughter (http://www.iihs.org/news/rss/pr100108.html). The ones listed as the best and the ones that are for booster mode only, are not available on the market or only over the internet. The problem with the cup holders can be solved by buying them separately at a local retail store and the seat is for sure worth its price. I tried the Britax Frontier and the Graco Nautilus in my car at a local store. I could not make the Britax tight in our car (what I had already read in other reviews) and it is impossible to attach this seat securely with the car's seat belts, once the child reaches 40 pounds, from what we are not far away now. The statement that you can keep your child longer in the 5-point-harness with the Nautilus or the Frontier is misleading because the latch system in your car will not allow it beyond 40 pounds and you cannot secure these seats properly with the seat belt. Furthermore, the 5-point-harness seat belts become too short way before they reach the weight. Therefore, read everything on the Childseat and Manuals, since the advertising, written big of course, on the seat and package, tell only half the truth.

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