Great Booster By
March 8, 2010
After just 4 days and a 3 hour vehicle ride over the weekend, we decided to order this seat for our younger son, who is ready for a booster seat as well. Our boys zonk out on car rides often, so we appreciate car seats that provide comfort along with safety. The cover is smooth and comfy, and the side impact protection doubles as a nice headrest when sleeping :)
Great Car Seat! By
August 14, 2009
This car seat is definitly the cadillac of car seats! I love it and have had no problems with it
The best car seat ever By
June 29, 2009
I will just try this seat out. Ordered it for my four month old son, who grow out the regular infant carseat. I wanted something I can count on, and safe. This seat seems like that, and comfi too.
Very pleased By
July 14, 2009
The only complaint I have is that it's not super easy to get my daughter out of the seat when rear-facing. That may be more the fault of my small car (WRX wagon) than the seat. I haven't tried it in other cars. Otherwise, it seems to be a well-engineered seat with very comfortable fabric and cushioning.
Can't Have Seats Side-by-Side By
August 6, 2009
I bought a Recaro Signo for my 9 month old when his car seat was lost at an airport while we were flying across country. I was extremely pleased with how safe it felt, I mean I can't even get it to move 1/2 an inch now that it is all strapped in. So I wanted to buy one for my 2 year old because his Eddie Bauer car seat just did not feel very safe at all. I ordered it and 2 days later I got it from BabyAge, which I am extremely happy about. I went to install it in our truck and they fit fine side-by-side BUT since the latch clips are so thick on these, they wouldn't both fit on the latch bar. It was about 1/4 inch too small. And this is in a huge truck, Im assuming all latch bars are the same length. So I had to install my rear facing carseat not in the middle seat but behind the driver seat next to the window. I was extremely disappointed in this even though I still feel that these seats are very safe in them selves. I am going to buy a window protector so if God-forbid I was in an accident and the window breaks, it won't get all over my infant.
Recaro Signo By
June 28, 2009
Purchased the Recaro Signo child seat to replace my 8 month old old Baby Trend child seat....Man what a difference! My son does not cry like he used to. He goes right into the chair with no problems or hassle. We can secure him with out tinkering with the restraint system...the best part is seeing my son being compfortable in his chair, and as a parents having peace of mind. He sits a little higher up, and he is able to see out the car window and he enjoys it.....this safety seat is a great purchase, and we are glad to have purchsed it...I recommend the seat to anyone
June 27, 2009
This is a great car seat and highly recommended. The seats arrived 2 days after I ordered them. Very friendly customer service! We will be shopping here again!
Excellent Product By
June 27, 2009
This is the best car seat ever. It is easy to use, easy to install, and my son looks so comfortable in it. It is sturdy and well-built and looks like it would provide strong protection in an accident.
June 27, 2009
This is a great car seat and highly recommended. The seats arrived 2 days after I ordered them. Very friendly customer service! We will be shopping here again!
Great car seat, rock solid install By
June 28, 2009
We absolutly love this car seat. It fits in rock solid in our Subaru Forester (which are known for being tough to find a good fit). The seat is very well made, super comfortable, with great SIP. BabyAge shipping was super quick. We really couldn't ask for more!

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