Radio Flyer

Great Horse!! By
October 4, 2010
I just got this horse for my 9 month old. Hes still too little to bounce by himself but he love it!! I have a larger then average child (21 lbs and 30 inches) so he fits on the horse, he can reach the handle bars but not the stirrups. The sound box was broken when I recieved the horse but I just called radio flyer and they replaced it no problem. Like other's have said this is a big horse and you do need a bit of room for it. I love the safety covers over the springs and the horse has real yarn for hair is great. My son loves the texture. I know some people have said the older model has a real soft leather seat and it's no longer offered and that's true. I called radio flyer and asked why they stopped making a soft seat and instead using a hard plastic seat because so many parents loved the soft seat. They said it was because the leather was ripping and once it ripped and broke the seat couldn't be replaced so they wanted to make the horse last longer so they gave it the plastic seat. I ordered from baby age.com and it arrived the same week! They had great customer service and I would order from them again. My son is going to get a lot of use out of this horse so it's worth the price. I would definitely by this horse again from baby age.
radio flyer all terrain cargo wagon By
December 12, 2010
Well built, received in excellent condition and easy assembly
Radio Flyer All-Terrain Steel & Wood Wagon By
September 26, 2010
The item was easy to put together and little one loves riding around. The wagon is of high quality and we expect to get years of entertainment. We also purchased it at a great price.
Fantastic Smooth Tires By
July 28, 2009
Our grandson is in love with his "birthday" Radio
Flyer Wagon. It's a winner!
Grandpa By
October 1, 2010
As one would expect another good product from the Radio Flyer Company.
turtle By
August 31, 2010
Bought it for my nephew for his first birthday. I was told that he loves the turtle and that it is the best toy ever!!!!!
Just as promised By
November 29, 2010
Beautiful product and great service. Would highly recommend!
Awesome Rocking Horse By
December 5, 2010
This is great for kids! This one has loads of 'safety' features to protect the kids from pinching and cuts. The sound feature is an added bonus. ( I think!!) Easy to follow assembly instructions
Christmas present By
December 27, 2010
Love it! So easy to put together. Got it for my 9 month old to ride in, and I think my 6 yr old loves it just as much as the baby! I expected it to be heavy to pull with both of them in it, but it is so smooth and light weight. I am sooo happy that we purchased this wagon
Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer & Stroll By
April 23, 2011
Great trike! Our daughter loves it & is so excited to go on walks now. When she gets tired, we take over. I like how the kids can rest their legs when we are pushing. Great product!

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