Radio Flyer

Love the pink! By
October 27, 2010
I am so happy that this comes in pink! My daughter is 2 and a half and her favorite color is by far pink! Anything pink, she wants. She is such a girly girl, but I bought this for her and she adores it. I let her ride it in the hallways when its rainy outside but she loves to show it off outside. I havent had one problem yet with this Scooter, I am very happy with it!
1st Birthday Gift! By
July 11, 2009
I purchased this wagon for my grandson's first birthday. The high seat backs and safety belts are perfect to keep an excited toddler safe.Great storage for those little "take alongs" to the shore. Well made, easy to assemble.
Great Horse!! By
October 4, 2010
I just got this horse for my 9 month old. Hes still too little to bounce by himself but he love it!! I have a larger then average child (21 lbs and 30 inches) so he fits on the horse, he can reach the handle bars but not the stirrups. The sound box was broken when I recieved the horse but I just called radio flyer and they replaced it no problem. Like other's have said this is a big horse and you do need a bit of room for it. I love the safety covers over the springs and the horse has real yarn for hair is great. My son loves the texture. I know some people have said the older model has a real soft leather seat and it's no longer offered and that's true. I called radio flyer and asked why they stopped making a soft seat and instead using a hard plastic seat because so many parents loved the soft seat. They said it was because the leather was ripping and once it ripped and broke the seat couldn't be replaced so they wanted to make the horse last longer so they gave it the plastic seat. I ordered from baby age.com and it arrived the same week! They had great customer service and I would order from them again. My son is going to get a lot of use out of this horse so it's worth the price. I would definitely by this horse again from baby age.
Great wagon! By
May 10, 2010
My one year old loves his wagon! It is so nice, lots of room and cup holders! We are definately ready for parade season and the lake! :)
Zachary's second birthday gift By
August 25, 2009
I purchased this item on line and had it sent to our grandson Zach for his B-Day. Our son put it together right away and Zach went to the park in it the next day. They love it. They live in Phoenix area so the canopy is a must as well as the padded seat covers. I told my son it really is a family gift. He said it well built and functional. A happy customer
Great Quality Prdouct By
August 31, 2010
Tried a bunch of other ride on's and none of them compared to the quality of this one. Returned all others and kept this one. The wheels are "real" unlike all the other ones which are plastic and hard to turn. This one is fast and the noises on the buttons are hilarious. Sounds like Fred Flintstone feet with one of the sounds.
Very good, could have been better for the price By
August 17, 2009
First the bottomline, my (1 year old) daughter loves it. She cant have enough of it.

What prevents me from giving 5 stars is the quality of the product for the price is not up to the mark IMHO. The seat for example had a big scratch (the cushion covered it and is not visible, but still ...) The handle and the body is not smooth (but very rough and coarse). The canope can be stored in a bag and the bag has a hole (i will call the Customer service probabely and let them know). Minor things like these - but for a 200$ product i expected a better product. Customer Service of radio flyer is excellent though (based on my experince just discussing various products with them before i decided to buy this one).
Our toddler's new pet! By
July 14, 2011
This riding horse is great. Out of the box, I organized the parts and put the horse's base together. A second person is needed to connect the base to the actual horse. My husband and I had everything done in about 50 minutes. The simple tools that come in the box help a lot and make connecting the springs very easily. The only additional tool needed was a screwdriver.

As to the toy itself, it seems pretty solid, is stable, and looks good. It is easy enough for our 16 month old to ride, with supervision of course. She cannot get on by herself yet, but she can dismount with supervision only. An added bonus is the motion sensor in the horse's mouth -- so far our daughter's favorite feature. She loves "feeding and grooming" her horse with the carot and comb that come with it. She also loves the riding sounds when she is on it. The motion sensor only works in a well lit room, preventing it from going off at night, for example, if the switch is still on.

One area for improvement is the horse's saddle. The saddle is made of the same material as the entire horse, a hard plastic. Even for a child in diapers, a more comfortable material for the saddle would have been great.

Overall, this toy is a winner and we believe we'll have it around for quite a few years of fun. It's a hit with the kids, and adults go back to their childhood memories when they see it.
Radio Flyer Wagon A Big Hit! By
October 1, 2010
Wagon was received within a couple days of ordering. It took me 30 minutes to assemble while watching TV after dinner. Very easy assembly! Our 13 month old woke up to a stroll around the house and loved it. We can't wait to take her apple and pumpkin picking this fall. Great product!
Loved it. By
March 26, 2011
Purchased this toy for my granddaughter who turned one year old and her mom reports that she just loves it. Was pushing older sisters grocery cart around and kept falling; now she has a toy of her own to push around. Trouble is her 3 yr. old sister loves it and I might have to buy another.

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