Radio Flyer

February 13, 2011
My wife had been urging me to buy this for our son months ago, and after seeing one of my friend's kid on one I knew that it would be a hit. Sturdily built, it provides enough support for our 8mos old on his progression to walking like a big boy!
Fantastic By
April 5, 2010
The bike is study made of good quality material and look great.
very nice. We love it.
He loves it! By
August 17, 2009
We bought this for our 1 year old boy. He loves the electronic buttons and was trying to make it scoot on his birthday. The seat doesn't stay up on its own so he has to use two hands to use the compartment under it - we're not sure if that's good or bad yet. It took about 15 minutes to assemble.
Grandpa By
October 1, 2010
As one would expect another good product from the Radio Flyer Company.
good substitute for the old Big Wheel By
April 27, 2010
This product is much more solid and stable than mine was back in the 1970s. Not too difficult to assemble. Too big for my 2 year old, but she loves it
A Classic but. . . By
October 2, 2010
The wagon was beautiful and my grandsons loved it BUT the shipping carton and tires have a very strong unpleasant odor. Thankfully this is an outside toy and we are hoping the smell will disipate. I wonder if this was just our wagon if not Radio Flyer needs to investigate.
great product By
May 22, 2009
This is one of the best purchaces that I have made in awhile. It even survived falling off the top of my car at 65 mph, with just a few scratches. I love it.
Love this wagon. By
December 6, 2010
After much research and comparison shopping on line, we found this to be the best wagon for our needs. Also found BabyAge.com to offer the best price, excellent service, and speedy FREE delivery. Couldn't ask for more! Thank you!
Best toy! By
December 26, 2009
We got this for our almost 14 mo old and he loves it. He likes to ride in it as well as just get in and out and check everything out. So far it has held his interest longer than any other toy! I hesitated at first but is well worth it now. Thanks!
Wagon For Two By
December 11, 2010
We really love how roomy it is for two kids (I have a 1 year old and an almost 3 year old). It has a lot of room for both kids and parents drinks and stuff. It was pretty easy to assemble for me and my husband. I really like the fact that it has seatbelts, but wish they were further up to be more useful. Either way, we like the wagon, and feel like it was the right purchase for us.

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