Radio Flyer

best ride on toy ever By
October 31, 2010
i had this toy (times 2) when my twins were little 20 years ago and loved it. now that i am raising my granddaughter that has weak legs, i found it again. it is great exercise to strengthen those legs and get her active with fun. i hope they never quit making it. well made and very strong to withstand an active child.
Radio Flyer All-Terrain Steel & Wood Wagon By
September 26, 2010
The item was easy to put together and little one loves riding around. The wagon is of high quality and we expect to get years of entertainment. We also purchased it at a great price.
Great Wagon! By
May 22, 2009
We bought this wagon about two months ago for our 20 month old son. It has been great! The only change I would have made is I would have bought the version with the canopy and extra storage on the back.
excited to use By
December 5, 2010
haven't opened the box yet, but am excited for my son to use it after Christmas...shipped quick.
Deja Vu By
October 6, 2010
My wife and I both had this as kids. Nothing much better than this
great with a slight issue By
August 25, 2013
I love my new wagon but I do have an issue the wheels that were sent were both the same instead of an a and b wheel I had to As we made it work still and also I was missing the screws that hold the bag onto the back so we drilled another hole and zip tied it on. All in all though the product is wonderful very light and easy to pull and my boys love it!
Great Experience By
October 5, 2010
This is so well built compared to a lot of things in this day and age...........it should last this little boy for many years to come
Absolutely love this wagon By
July 15, 2010
I am one of the online shopper that read a lot of reviews before making a purchase. I was a little bit hesitating due to lack of reviews on this product. I always love Radio Flyer product and almost purchased the Pathfinder. However, with bad review about the wheels for Pathfinder, I decided to buy this wagon, and I absolutely love it. The wagon is big enough for both of my boys (1 1/2 and 3 1/2 boys) and still have plenty of room for them to grow out. It has a detachable bag, which is definitely helpful with longer trips. We took the 1st ride yesterday to the park. I pulled the wagon with the 2 boys on that for an hour with no sweat. The wheels are perfectly designed for all kind of turns. Also, the product was delivered on time and fast. Absolutely recommend this product with this seller
Best Riding Horse By
December 3, 2010
Great horse! Best price I found!
Cute! Only one complaint. By
September 2, 2010
I love it. My daughter loves it since she like turtles or turturs as she says. She is 13 months old and loves the sounds. She was very wary at first and scared but is warming up. She does not sit on it long but rather walks behind it and pushes it. She did try using her feet while sitting on it today; we have had it about a week. The only complaint/problem is when she stood up and sat back down a couple of times the storage lid (the seat) lifted up and pinched her legs. I believe she will overcome this issue with more experience. The caster wheels are great!

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