Mountain Boy Sledworks

Great sled!! By
November 11, 2010
I live in the mountains where it snows ALOT! I bought two of these sleds for my boys and I can;t wait for our first snow fall for them to try them out. They have a beautiful, classic design I am just worried the attached red rope will wear out quickly. We will see!
LOVE this sled - it really turns By
October 15, 2010
I have two of these sleds, and my huspand and I spent most of last winter on them with our kids. Not only are they really well made (and beautiful to look at) but they really turn. Simply the best sled I've ever tried.
So much FUN and great exercise! By
September 23, 2010
Having young children sometimes restricts your distance you can go (especially in the winter months), it has been so nice to put both boys on the double kicksled and glide around town to get fun, effortless exercise.
Old Fashion FUN By
October 5, 2010
My children and their friends have so much fun hiking up the snowy slopes and sledding down the mountain side. It is easy to pull the sled up hill with the rope and has great turning ability downhill. We had a plastic sled but broke after one month; I am happy to know this sled will last for years.
THIS is more fun than you can imagine By
October 15, 2010
Simply the best sled I've ever tried. We have a 47" and a 52" Ultimate Flyer and love them both. My husband likes the 52" and I like the 47" (he's taller, and when we race, he wins). Excellent turning, very strong, love it.
This pad makes a big difference By
October 15, 2010
I love this pad, not only because it adds some cushioning, but also because it keeps my from sliding off the sled.
What a great idea! And beautiful! By
October 18, 2010
I have several Mountain Boy sleds and bought the Grasshopper as soon as it came out. The execution is flawless - it works great as a pull sled, and just as well as a wagon. Switching between the two takes about 10 minutes. As always, the woodwork is beautiful and solid.
Up and on the move!! By
September 23, 2010
My little one was so proud of himself when he was able to grab on the handles and walk around the room and/or yard on his own. His big brother was by his side laughing hysterically!!
Great beautiful push cart! By
July 26, 2010
My 15 month old didn't have to be told what to do - he crawled over to the Dragonfly push cart, stood up and began pushing it all around the house. He put all his treasures and then himself in the wooden box, got out and pushed it around again. Well made, easy to assemble - I recommend it.
And a way we go!! By
October 5, 2010
I live in a mountain town were the streets in the winter become snow covered. It has been a great way of transportation around town for taking my child to school or just gliding around town.

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