Awsome bke By
April 16, 2010
If your reading this now why, you should be ordering it. This is a great bike with it's preformance and looks. It is everything you want in a bike, and a reasonable price.
awsome By
January 30, 2009
it is a great unicycle fun to ride and sort of difficult
Great Bike! By
June 8, 2013
Skate bike By
July 13, 2009
My grandson loved the skaeboard bike and I was very happy with the speed that it was sent to me. I received it much sooner than expected, just in time for his birthday. Thanks!!
This is 1 good bike By
January 12, 2009
I love this bike, almost everyone should have this bike, because i just love it.
Good bike for 6 yr old girl By
May 20, 2013
Overall, the bike is a good bike once assembled.

Some issues:
1. During assembly, couldn't figure out the handle bar assembly. It comes with the "Lark" sign wiretied to the handle bar, in the wrong position. You will need to cut the wireties, and then rotate the handle bar 180 degrees, and then install. Instructions absolutely lacking this information. Took a while and reading all previous reviews to figure this out.
2. Once assembled, an annoying rattling while riding. The chain guard makes contact to the frame and rattles. No good way to keep this from happening, without something like a rubber washer taped down in place.

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