Yvonne's response By
March 27, 2012
This was a gift to my grandson and his parents informed me that it was easy to assemble and they like the quality. I can be passed down to my granddaughter.
A good table By
November 20, 2008
We have this set and love it. It wasn't easy to assemble because some holes weren't deep enough or didn't line up with the screw, but we got it figured out. It looks beautiful - I've gotten dozens of compliments on it. Having the shelf below is convenient.
Great quality By
October 29, 2010
The quality of this Toy Chest is great! I don't believe in havingan overwhelming amount of toys so this fits just the right amount of toys that I allow my kids to have. The piece arrived to my door in great shape! It manages to stay in great shape too even with the kids climbing all over it!
nice table By
June 27, 2009
This is a great sturdy table. I got the pecan and the colour appears to match up with what you see on-line. I was a little worried about that based on one of the reviews but it was right on. Only negative things I would say is that the screws for the table part are very soft and can strip easily, so make sure you are using a tool that fits perfectly in there. The chair screws are different and seemed fine. As for set up, this was probably the quickest set up of any kids product we have bought...including toys!! It only took minutes. I'm in canada and couldn't find a better deal here, plus it is actually solid wood. I also wish the screw holes could be covered, but know that would be a choking hazzard to put plastic plugs in there, but it still looks great. Definitely recommend. Other reviewer mentions wood glue. Not needed...the wood dowels are only in the chair rungs, so it's not necessary and doesn't make it any more sturdy. Also, chairs seem more than capable of holding an adult.
Beautiful piece By
February 13, 2011
This is a classy piece. It takes some time to assemble (I had my dad help me) because you need someone on both sides to sort of steady the pieces while you're LOOSELY tightening the screws. This is a must because you'll need to make minor adjustments as you go. It's together and traveled easily in the back of my car back to my house. I got the mahogany finish, or was it cherry; anyway, the darker wood, and it's gorgeous! I can't wait to put my 15-month old granddaughter in it. She'll love sitting close up to the table. Great product...great price!
I'm just thrilled with it.
We love it! By
July 1, 2009
My 18 month old loves his new table and so do I. The table is very sturdy and is a beautiful warm cherry color that fits in very nicely with the decor of our family room. The quality is such that it almost looks like side table. The wood has a nice finish that wipes off easily and protects the wood from water and food stains. The only other thing that I would note about this set is that it is sized for a slightly older child. My average-sized 18 month old has a difficult time climbing into the chairs by himself and the table is a bit high for him when the is standing next to it; however, these factor have not deterred his use of the table or chairs one bit. Knowing that he'll grow into it soon enough, and that it is durable enough withstand several years of play, makes me very pleased with this purchase.
efficient design meets beautiful furniture!! By
October 26, 2009
perfect for all sorts of uses, gorgeous, sturdy, and fun to put away. very compact!
Easy to assemble, nice looking By
December 5, 2010
I looked around quite a bit to find an affordable toy box made with solid wood. This was one of 2 I found and I chose this one bc of its color/stain. It's large enough to grow with my 10-month old grandson and good-looking enough to place in the living room if necessary. My son and I assembled it in about 20 minutes.
Nice sturdy table and chairs! By
September 18, 2011
We love our new table and chairs. The cherry color is a true cherry, not the icky wine color you find on cheap-o furniture. The chairs are strong enough to hold adults. Perfect for our small city apartment.
goos By
January 23, 2011
Very strong and sturdy

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