Color By
July 1, 2011
I think the product is very well made. The color was to be "Pecan" which showed to be a darker color than what it is. It looks to look more like varnished pine. Little disappointed in the color, but hopefully it will blend in with the other furniture for my grandson. This "Pecan" is not like I have known "Pecan" to be. It appears to be too yellowish!
Perfect for little ones By
December 26, 2009
The whole set turned out great. Although when putting it together one of the wood pieces came off, and my husband had to discreetly nail it back in. Other than that one thing, our son loves it.
5 Stars! By
August 22, 2009
This product is very easy to assemble, it looks great, fits perfect at our dinner table so our daughter feels like a big girl now, we love it!
A keepsake from Great-Grandparents... By
November 29, 2012
We purchased this product as a gift for my son from his great-grandparents on his first birthday. They were both teachers and I thought this would be a perfect gift from them for him to treasure. Since he is only one, he doesn't really use it yet, but he loves to sit in the chair and smile like he's doing something big! It was SO easy to put together and came packaged very nicely. I love this desk and can't wait to see all the amazing things my son will do while sitting there!
Excellent Product By
January 1, 2010
The chais is perfect for our toddler and he is enjoying it too. Only comment is that the screw covers do not fit securely so we removed them. Our toddler tried to pull them out and put them in his mouth. I felt that gluing them in would not be a good idea as then we could not tighten the screws should that become necessary.
Nice desk By
November 2, 2010
Well made desk. Bought it for my 5 year old son. Very spacious. Chair maybe a bit short but is probably ok. Have not started using it as yet.
efficient design meets beautiful furniture!! By
October 26, 2009
perfect for all sorts of uses, gorgeous, sturdy, and fun to put away. very compact!
Love it! By
February 5, 2012
I bought this for my 6 year old daughter, and she loves! The quality is great, the interior of the desk is large, and holds all of her coloring books and supplies. The desk has two different height levels it can adjust to and the top one was too tall so she will be able to use it for years as she grows taller. I recommend this to anyone, it's a great desk!
Excellent buy By
May 9, 2007
This heavy, sturdy table works well in our family room. The beautiful finish adds a nice touch to it. It stands high so our children will get a lot of years use out of it. I priced around and Babyage offers the lowest price for this table. Some helpful tips when assembling the table and chairs-make sure to rub a bar of soap on the screws ends beforehand otherwise it will be difficult getting them in without risking any damage to the screws, table, or chairs. Also, apply wood glue to both ends of the wood dowels (for the back of chairs) for extra support. The quality of this set is superb.
very nice By
October 31, 2010
very nice, my five year old loves it.it's perfact for home schooling

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