Makes the Last Month Bearable! By
January 1, 2004
My husband purchased this for me, after realizing how uncomfortable I was sleeping in the third trimester of our pregnancy. I really wish I had had it sooner. It arrived yesterday, and for the first time, I slept through the night last night (only getting up once for the bathroom~you pregnant Moms know what I mean...). The pillow gave me the back support I needed, and, I did not wake up in the middle of the night with a numb leg from the weight of me and my baby bearing on one side or the other. It will be useful after the baby is born for breastfeeding support and a general lounge pillow. Very comfy, very helpful, would recommend it.
Awesome pillow By
January 1, 2004
I am currently 3 months pregnant with my second child. When I was pregnant the first time I would have to fight every night to find a comfortable position and then by the time I got comfortable I had to get up and pee! Well as soon as I found out about this pregnancy I knew that I needed to get a maternity pillow early before I got too uncomfortable and this pillow is awesome. I think even after the pregnancy it will still be kept handy. My husband is a little jealous, and I told him that if he wants one then he needs to get pregnant and I don't feel sorry for him at all :-)
Probably the best pillow you can buy! By
January 1, 2004
Everyone is different in their sleep comfort and no pillow is perfect. It took me some time when I first got the pillow to find my method. (Believe me, I am very picky about sleep positions.) I lay the pillow with the open end at my head and touch the ends together. Then I lay my regular pillow just over the top. I kind of snuggle in between on my side with my legs on top of the bottom end of the pillow. It tooks a few nights to get used to sleeping with my legs slightly elevated and extra cusion under my neck, but now I love it. It is comparable to sleeping before pregnancy. I wish I would have had it with my first child!! Getting used to sleeping with a growing middle is a challenge. I really think this pillow provides the best support. Give it a few weeks and some different position tries and find what is best for you!
Ignorance is BLISS! By
January 1, 2004
This is my first pregnancy. Needless to say, when I found out I was pregnant with twins my "uncomfortable" alarm went off. I remember how huge my aunt was with her twins and I wanted to avoid as much pain as possible. This information coupled with one of my best friends comments at her 6 1/2 month mark made me seek out the best "bed-time" companion I could find. I read many reviews on different pillow products: leg-pillows, full body pillows and the like. Some women on my twin chat site (pregnancyweekly.com) were using 5,6 or 7 pillows to sleep. Now that I have it, I can't believe how many women haven't bought this pillow. I traveled in my 6th month and had to stay in a double size bed in a hotel with my husband. Unfortunately he is a large man and my Back 'n Belly slightly overlapped the half-way mark. In our king at home, it only takes up about 1/3 of the bed, because I like to keep the two sides close together and nuzzle in between them. This gives great support to my belly. Anyway, those 5 days were extremely uncomfortable. The "luxury" down pillows didn't support the space between my legs very well and every once in a while I woke up with a pillow on the floor. I had to use 5 pillows to equal the comfort of my Back 'n Belly. Here is the breakdown: two for my head, one under my waist and two between my legs. Every time I woke up the pillows had moved and I go to the bathroom a lot. So, every time I got back in bed I had to reorganize and re-plot and use my sleepy little brain. I still woke up with hip pains. I don't think the leg pillows were thick enough. In conclusion, those few days made me worship my pillow SO much! And I am SO much bigger and more uncomfortable now (more than 7 months). It's gotten to the point where I will go lay in my pillow whenever I don't feel well. It always makes me feel better. By the way, washing the cover is easy - getting it back on is a little tricky, but not hard. I like the feel of the cover against my skin. No complaints on that! Thanks and good luck in your shopping efforts.
best sling ever By
August 2, 2009
I love this Leachco sling. I have two other slings as well but I always seem to use this one. It is very easy to put on and very secure. I don't have to worry about my little one falling out. I carry him in it everywhere we go. I have used it since birth and now my son is 7 months and we are still using it! He can nurse in it sleep in it, sit up and look out in it, etc. I even use this sling while walking our dog and pushing our baby jogger all at the same time! I highly recommend this carrier!
You desearve to have this! By
September 8, 2007
I absolutely loved this pillow, and can't imagine getting through those nights with out it. As soon as I started using it, my heartburn went away at night (coinsidence?). I slept so much better, and even though my husband didn't like it between us, it wasn't goin anywhere. This pillow is so handy, because if you were using a stash of regular pillows,every time you got up and came back to bed, you had to rearrange them all over again into position. This is just one pillow and it stays put. I recommend this to all expecting mothers! A must have - buy it, you desearve it.
One of the best things I ever bought for my bad back!!! By
May 10, 2007
I bought this during my pregnancy but I also have a herniated disc. My daughter is now 20 months but I still cannot ever have a painfree night of sleep without this pillow. God knows what it does but no other pillow works and anybody who spends nights after nights of pain would understand what I am talking about.This is the most effective painkiller I have! I am sure I would buy many more of these pillow throughtout my life!
not even pregnant! By
June 28, 2007
This pillow was bought for my cousin while she was pregnant. she didn’t like the U shape it had and preferred her regular body pillow she has, and since I kept finding the pillow on the floor, i decided to try it, because I love to cuddle. well this pillow is perfect for me! i always feel like there is someone right behind me, and I can still wrap myself around the other side. and I have also realized my arm is not numb when I wake up anymore, and my back doesn’t hurt either. I think i am just going to have to buy one for myself when she moves! I positively love it!
A Must Have By
January 1, 2004
I absolutely love this pillow! I am starting my 8th month of pregnancy and was having a hard time getting comfortable at night. I almost bought the regular snoogle pillow but I saw that this pillow was newly added to the inventory at BabyCenter so I decided to go with this one. This pillow is well worth the price. It is much larger in person than the photo shows so you will have to make your husband give you a little extra space in bed, although if your husband likes to spoon, he will be able to hug the back of the pillow! The quality of this pillow is wonderful. It is so cushy and well made. Getting out of bed to run to the bathroom is a little bit awkward but if you lift up one side of the pillow to let yourself out of bed it's much easier than trying to just lift yourself out of the pillow. I wish that BabyCenter had this pillow in stock months ago!!
fine, but would not last long By
February 18, 2007
Was good, but lost it shape after first wash.

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