Kelty K.I.D.S.

Great Pack By
July 24, 2007
OUr son loves it!
a must have! By
January 1, 2004
It is idea for every day and everything. It has most of the easy of an umbrella stroller (it does not fold up as well) and can get in and out of small areas as well, if not better. I've travelled all over with it and I've yet to be disappointed. It was quiet and unobtrusive as we visited, malls, museums, galleries and exhibits. The beauty of it is the versatility... It rides easily and never feels as if it will collapse or fold up with your child inside. If the terrain or ground is too difficult for a stroller you can pop it on your back and walk. Getting it up and on does take practice, but this carrier is comfortable and I (at 5'3") could easily carry my 2 year old daughter for quite a while. Another plus is that Kelty offers a long list of accessories... bug screens, sun visors, rain sheilds.... you name it! The only time we don't use it is for running... then we do use the Kelty Jogger, but for all other times, this is what we go for!You will not be sorry!
our son loves riding in it By
January 1, 2004
Easy to put on, the baby loves it and often falls asleep in it! Bulky, hard to store compactly.
November 5, 2010
This this sleeping bag. Have used it in the house, but next weekend is the big camping trip. Nicely made and love the attached bag cover. Pretty shade of purple.
godsend! By
January 1, 2004
Sturdy and Light--FIT FIT FIT!!! However it can be complicated to adjust. If you're frustrated about poor fitting frame carriers, get this one! Short folks, rejoice!
I love this stoller!!!! By
January 1, 2004
My inlaws bought this for me used when we were going to San Antonio for a vacation. My daughter was only four months old and she sat up in the stroller very well. She fell asleep with her head against the front bar and her face was facing down into the stroller which worried me, but then I realized she could breath easily. She has fallen asleep in it many times since. I do wish it could recline, but you always have to sacrifice something. I use it more now that my daughter isn't sleeping all the time (when she was younger we used the Graco travel system). I love how it turns into a backpack, it was very usefull on the Riverwalk, and my mother loves to use it when she walks on her dirt trail. I usually prefer this sroller over my graco anyway because it is so small and light weight. It is very easy to manuver and fits in tight spaces. I can't judge the canopy because mine didn't come with one.
Features could be better By
January 1, 2004
We bought this to go on a cross country trip with our 16 month old son. It is a great product and well worth the investment, but there are several things I would change. 1. The mess that is located where the feet rest isn't big enough, our son's feet kept slipping onto the wheels which would make us come to an abrupt stop and twist his little ankles. We did some "Micky Rigging" and fixed that, still. . . could have been done better. . Canopy sucks. Too bulky, does not compact down and the plastic bars used to keep the canopy together came out. We ended up buying an attachable Batman umbrella from Toys R Us- worked much better. 3. Does not recline. I'm not sure how Instep would fix this- there has to be a way, but after a lot of traveling, it would be nice for it to recline even a little bit so our baby wasn't sleeping sitting up. 4. Needs bigger wheels. We traveled through the Grand Canyon, the Alamo, New Orleans, The Battle Ship Alabama, St. Augustine and many side places along the way. The wheels work great, would be nice if they gave more traction. 5. Can anyone say CUP HOLDER? 6. Straps too high. This product has a 5 point restraint. The restraints that go over the shoulders attach to a connector that sat right at the base of our sons chin, even after adjusting the straps. There were a few times we had to readjust HIM to keep the straps from choking him. Some how they just don't fit right. Overall, this product isn't so bad. The features and lack there of, are liveable and we made it back to Good Ol Florida no worse for the wear. As a back pack, I wouldn't change anything. When I bought this product, I thought it would have made a better stroller than a back pack- considering Instep is a stroller company. I would buy it again, but again- rig it how I needed it. Happy Travels

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