J.L. Childress

Summer Infant Handheld Baby Monitor, Wireless 900MHz By
January 1, 2004
There are other non-color baby video monitors ranging from $99. If the price does not deter you, this item is ok despite overexposing issues
WARNING... please read before using this monitor By
January 1, 2004
I just received my new monitor, so I can't say yet how I'm going to like it long term but found something out when setting it up that made me come post IMMEDIATELY. I plugged the camera into my daughters nursery and turned it on channel 3, came out to the living room and plugged in the monitor unit.. and went to switch it to channel three... channel one all static as it should be, however channel two had a perfectly clear image of a nursery, but NOT MY DAUGHTERS!!!! Our nextdoor neighbor has a son, and I was looking at what I'm sure is his nursery... talk about a creepy feeling knowing I was looking into the neighbors sons bedroom (and I'm guessing would be listening to if the happened to be home and in the room) since that means that if they change their channel they will be looking/listening in on OUR daughters nursery. I'm not sure what I'll do next, if I'll keep the monitor and hope they don't change channels or what. That said the picture is amazing, haven't tested it for sound yet... but since I can pick up our neighbors nursery I'm guessing my range will be just fine for our own inside or outside the house. So... great monitor, maybe to great... you decide!
Doesn't work with a Wireless Network By
January 1, 2004
I was really looking forward to having a monitor so I could see my son at night. When I started using it the monitor had lines running through the picture and I couldn't hear anything. The manufacturer said that it doesn't work when you have a wireless network. I was really disappointed so I sent it back. I bought the Handheld Color Video Monitor by Summer Infant. It works great with my wireless network and my 2.4 Ghz phones. It doesn't work very good with other 900Mhz phones or controls according to the manual.
a must-have By
January 1, 2004
The first night I brought my baby home, I left this monitor on all night (plugged into the wall outlet) and the next day the screen did not work anymore. I sent it back to Summer Infant and they sent me a new one in 2 weeks. That said, I have had no more trouble with it and love being able to SEE what my baby is doing as well as hear him without having to get up. I take the monitor out in the yard during his naps and the night vision is better than what I would see if I walked into his room. I think this product is invaluable and worth the added expense over sound monitors.
Childress Car Seat Carrier - Great! By
February 17, 2007
We recently traveled with our 2.5 yr old and our 7 month old and used this carrier to hold our older child's Britax car seat (and all the diapers we needed for a one week trip, and some extra stuff too). The car seat came out without a scratch and we were thrilled not to have to worry about the integrity or the cleanliness of the seat while quickly trying to get into the rental car and on our way. Being able to use it as a back pack made navigating all the luggage much easier during check-in and on the airport shuttle buses.
Summer Video Baby Monitor Saved Me! By
January 1, 2004
My nine month old son has this tricky habit of crying in the morning and then sometimes going back to sleep. Countless times, I've entered his room only to realize that if I could have seen what he was actually up to in his crib then I would have been able to sleep a little longer myself. It was at this point that I decided that a video monitor would be the perfect solution. I purchased a 2.4 ghz 'top of the line' monitor by another company and brought it home. I was very disappointed as the sound on that unit was unusable due to extreme static, it burned through new batteries in an hour and worse, caused our wireless computer network to fail. It went back to the store and I ended up with the Summer 'Baby's quiet sounds' handheld color video monitor. I was thrilled with the results. While the video is a touch more grainy than the 2.4 ghz brand, there are more than enough other benefits to this monitor to make up for the slight decline in video quality. The sound quality is absolutely perfect; I can hear my son breathing! During night use, the range is much better than the 200 feet the manufacturer indicated would be the maximum. It automatically switches video modes from day to night modes. The parent's unit has rechargeable batteries. The unit comes equipped with AC adapters that have extra long cords and are white (unlike the black cords from the previous video monitor). The camera unit has a very wide stable base for table top use and the camera itself can be adjusted up and down as well as left and right; wall mounting is also possible. This monitor has proven to be exactly was I was looking for!

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