Super cute and super easy to assemble By
January 1, 2004
I haven't even had my baby yet and I already love this stroller! I put it together by myself in minutes - and gave it a test drive. Folds up quickly and easily, smooth ride, has 2 saddle bags for toys, snacks, pacifier, etc. - and the best part is that it couldn't be simpler to recline the seat. It doesn't lay back all the way, but a young baby (probably not a brand new baby) should be fine with this seat in the reclined position. Oh- and the picture here online shows the stoller with the flap down - it also looks nice with the back flap rolled up (so that you can see the mesh backing) which I'm sure will be so nice when it's hot out - as it often is here in Arizona! Beyond that, the price is great and it seems to be a really super value for the money.
The smoothest, coolest ride available! By
January 1, 2004
Overall, this stroller is wonderful, and may end up being the only stroller I use. My husband likes the styling and "user-friendliness" of the design, too. Normally, he thinks my stroller fixation is insane, but he actually really likes this one. Also, he is 6'1" and doesn't seem to have a problem with the height of this thing. At 5'4", this stroller is the perfect height for me.
Jeep Wagoneer Double Twin Stroller is a great ride! By
January 1, 2004
Great investment! If you have a toddler and a newborn and would like a stroller to grow with you, this is it! High quality, low dollar, and fabulous features!
Is there an Infant Car seat??? By
September 6, 2007
The only thing I can say is that I havent been able to find an Infant car seat that goes with this stroller.
Question on jeep stroller By
May 25, 2008
Does this stroller fold up to travel on a plane?
Great styling, smooth ride, but safety compromised By
January 1, 2004
Bought at Walmart for about $120 Canadian. Overall quite happy with it, but will look for alternatives first if we ever need to buy another stroller. There were several problems with it, however. The first is that the flip lid on the parent's storage compartment along the push handle snapped off within a week. Probably our fault as it was in the open position as the stroller was loaded into the car. But a better or tougher design would have prevented this. The second problem was with the restraint bar/tray, on which the play steering wheel is mounted (which our son of 2 yrs loved). But the tray/restraint on which the steering wheel is mounted has now been lost. This is because of the way it was designed - it has a clip on either side which can be undone to swivel the tray open to let the child in. Since there are two clips, the tray can be swivelled either way, which I'm sure is useful to someone (perhaps good for left vs. right-handed owners). But our son was fascinated with learning to open the clips, and somewhere along the way we guess he probably opened both of them and the tray fell off without us noticing! A stroller should not be dis-assembleable by a 2 yr old! The third problem is that the stroller is not stable laterally. It clearly states in the manual that it is not really a jogging stroller (it just looks like one!), but that is not my concern. The problem is that it is not safe for a child to climb into this stroller from the side. It will tip unless someone is holding the push handle firmly. The final problem is the most significant. The left wheel falls off continually. This is due to the ease-of-assembly designed into the wheels, which also equates to ease-of-falling-apart. There are little spring-clips which hold the wheels onto the axle. However, if the spring clips are not precisely aligned with the grooves in the axle, it is only a matter of time before you'll be pushing the stroller along, and the wheel literally falls right off. In the middle of a road crossing, for example. And since this is a three-wheeler, and one with lateral stability problems to start with, when the wheel falls off, it is very easy for the child to fall out as the stroller will tilt heavily to the side (wouldn't happen on a four wheeler).
They did their homework on this one By
January 1, 2004
I love love love this jogger. We also have the Maclaren techno classic for trips to the store which I also highly recommend. I would only use this stroller on the streets or to the zoo, as it would probably be a bit cumbersome otherwise. This is why I love it It has the hard case that holds a music player. I can listen to my Ipod as I go. Adjustable sunshade - thank you thank you, no more sun in her eyes Pockets and storage!!! deep cupholders galore! Suspension - It rode right over a rock and didn't jostle her. Going up and down curbs is also very easy with minimal jostling. This is a great stroller, and it actually looks nice too. Mine is more grey then the picture shows. A swivel front wheel would have been helpful but who cares? I love it anyway.
Jeep lovers By
January 6, 2010
We are a major jeep family. Everything we bought for our new bundle of joy was jeep. This is a good stroller, easy to put together. I put it together without my husband, but I am handy. The only complaint that we have is that the wheel axle part for one of the back wheels was cracked. We still have not been able to get a replacement. We have used it over and over and it is still working with the cracked rim. We take it in the mud, on rocks, in dirt, and to the mall. It's great!!! Does not lay down flat. Baby will always be at an incline.
Nice, smooth ride! By
July 19, 2007
There are so many things we like about this stroller! We like the parent tray that also has a center storage spot with a lid... the basket underneath and the 2 side bags provide ample storage. The toy wheel has been a life-saver at times and other kids are jealous of our daughters sweet ride. The only thing we don't like about it is that it doesn't fold down very compactly like other strollers the same size. You need a larger vehicle or a full-size sedan if you intend to take the stroller with you (which we don't have).
July 5, 2009

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