Best eco-friendly diapers around! By
May 28, 2010
My son has very sensitive skin and I tried other eco friendly diapers but they are made with such harsh and recycled materials they aren't soft, or suitable for babies with blond or red sensitive traits. These are perfect!

These diapers actually helped take away his rash. Very absorbable and soft. They fit well even if your baby is to small or to large it will tighten and stretch to fit.

All in all I will be using these diapers until my son is potty trained or they dont make the size I need!
Favorite Diapers By
May 30, 2010
These are my favorite diapers. They are not only super absorbent, but soft as well. They do not feel like a traditional disposable diapers. They feel almost like cloth. I highly recommend these diapers.
Works Great! By
March 29, 2011
My little one knows when he has had an accident. The cool sensation, alerts him right away. The easy Velcro sides make it easy for me to help when needed. Thanks Huggies!
Love them, but too expensive on this site! By
January 11, 2011
I use these diapers every night on my 10 month old because he's a tummy sleeper and sometimes sleeps with his butt up in the air. Sleeping this way would cause his regular diapers to leak. They're great, but I buy them at my local grocery store (Jewel, in the Chicagoland area) and they're only $10 a pack for 31 size 3's. On here they come out to be over $15 a pack!
Overnights By
October 26, 2010
I prefer to stock up on diapers when I find a great price and I definitely did when I found these Overnights on BabyAge.com. I put one on my child every night and it helps keep them dry. I also found them very useful for long road trips!
twins 4 us By
April 1, 2011
love the design on the pull ups.

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