get it but keep in mind... By
December 17, 2010
excellent quality and designed in such a way that you cant even feel the weight of the child much, especially from the back carrying way.
the but comes in because its a bit bulky in feel. i think its the straps that make it feel that way. also i'm chuby witha tummy (after two kids didnt go back to being flat) so after i've tied the waist belt and put the child side ways in order to turn him to my back (following pics from the booklet), the belt pinches and pulls at clothing etc... makes me feel uncomfy and want to re-adjust after i've settled him on my back which i dont and just struggle with my clothing... however... i still recommend it.
i've tried many carriers and i've always wanted a back carrier i could trust and this provides a carrier to carry my kids from infanthood to about 4 years old. my dd is 3.5 and she still fits on the back carrier and doesnt feel heavy or hurts my back (she's 40lbs!)
go ahead and get it... good luck!!
Love the ERGO for my one year old By
November 30, 2010
LOVE the versatility of front, hip and back carrying- having options is always good. I used to carry my daughter ALL the time in the Bjorn but it hurts my back now that she weighs about 22 pounds and that is a front-only carrier. I love carrying her on my back, and she thinks it's pretty fun too. It's easy to put on, although I still need help putting her on my back, but I think I'll get it on my own soon. It's comfortable and I think it looks good- especially in black. I wish I had gotten this sooner.
Great ERGO Product By
August 23, 2011
Love this ERGO carrier. The fabric is lightweight, and it is very comfortable! The front, hip, and back positions offer a lot of flexibility, and my son (nine months) is comfortable in all three positions (in fact it's the only time he isn't a squirmy worm)! I started using this carrier when he was four months old in the front carry position, and added the hip and back positions at six months. The company also offers great tutorial videos for how to switch positions while carrying your baby. Most importantly, I have never had a neck, shoulder, or back pain while using this product (and I've worn him over two hours)!
Adorable and no back and shoulder pain! By
September 22, 2012
Baby Ergo is an incredible carrier that takes the pressure off of your back and shoulders! The "options" version is perfect for those who want to add a little style! You can also purchase other patterns for $10! Zebra is my favorite!
Great product - if your child likes it By
December 16, 2010
I got this after owning Baby Bjorn. This is a superior product imo - it is much easier to carry baby - the weight is distributed. A very good support for baby - no pressure points.

As good as it is - it is not perfect. Putting it on is harder, connecting strap is often pushing on my neck, no option to have baby face outwards (very big deal imo).

Overall - great product - I recommend you get one if you want to carry baby around.
Carrier works great and looks beautiful By
November 14, 2012
I love this product. My baby sleeps in it and it doesn't hurt my back. Even better, the pretty pattern looks great.
Very Comfortable! By
March 28, 2013
It is very comfortable to carry my 6 month old around in.
Sturdy Carrier, soft and comfortable to wear By
November 30, 2010
Soft, comfortable material. Had to buy insert for my newborn, as little head support with product. Took a few tries to get used to the set-up for baby. Easy to adjsut size while wearing by pulling easy accessible straps. comfortable to wear during night time colicky sessions with baby and not hard on my back (important, since I am a chiropractor:))
Very pretty, but hot By
July 13, 2012
I purchased this after about 1year of wishing I could have it. Wish I would do little bit more research and purchased Beco Butterfly II. It is very pretty, works well, but believe it is little bit too big for me. I am 5'2" 130 lbs. I will keep it, works well for short distances and I believe my daughter will like it more Once she is little bit bigger for back carry. I am planning to have second child so will use it w him/her.
can't live without it By
December 17, 2010
I have lower back pain from a couple of herniated disks, so ergonomics are very important to me. I got this for my 2-month old baby (bought the insert of course) as he woild not go to sleep on his own. He was very fussy -- hated his car seat, his swing & everything except nursing. When I put him in the ergo, he fussed for awhile, but only cuz he was being lulled to sleep & sleep he did! This left my arms free & he slept as lon as I kept moving. He is getting less fussy as time goes on (he's 4 months now) but I am quite sure once winter is over, we will be using the ergo baby more than the sling or stroller. We definitely used it more than the stroller..... & I use it in the grocery store. To have the clerks tell me he is the quiestest baby is amusing, considering how fussy he was when not in his ergo! Now I just need those teething things for the straps! I read someone else's review of the ergo before I bought it. They said it was the one carrier they could not live without & I feel the same way! It is good for baby's spine too & that is important to me. I am a tall, large person (5' 9" & size 14 when not pegnant ;-)) -- the performance fits great. My husband can wear baby too! I love it, it is worth the price & will last a long time. If you need a carrier, this is *the* one to buy.

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