Eddie Bauer

I Love Eddie Bower Items For Babys By
January 1, 2004
i like eddie bowers items 4 babys but it would be nicer if it would be in leather all black and it would be easyer to wipe clean and in mid size cuz i'm short im 4'11 and if that item wouild come out every one will buy your eddie bower stroller with the carseat togeter.
Review By
August 22, 2009
I like the product because it is deep enough so the baby can be in it and I feel confident in it's safety.
Long lasting! By
February 25, 2008
We bought this car seat for our now 3 year old and we just moved him to a larger seat due to his height (42 inches tall). We have moved our 5 month old son into this one and we still love it! It is nice and large so I feel that my childern are extra safe it it. Other reviews complain about the straps, but they are not a big deal - all car seat straps will twist! Oh and all babies heads will slump over when they sleep - no biggie. We recommend this seat to all of our "new parent" friends and they love it too! 5 STARS! :)
November 10, 2007
I love it! This seat really grows with your child. I would recommend it to anyone! I would recommend a carrier from 5-20 lbs, then this seat from then on. It's worth it's price in gold.
Good Product By
August 23, 2007
Good Product
They thought of everything! By
January 1, 2004
My son fell asleep every time we put him in the car. When he outgrew his carrier, we went with this model and loved it! I found it very easy to use and could reach back from the front seat and recline him (when in the forward position) with no trouble! I would never consider anything that didn't have the 5 point harness system and while it does take an extra minute to buckle them in, it's well worth it for the protection. Removing the cover for washing is a breeze so cleaning is easy. He has moved on now to the booster seat which doesn't have as many features..we sure miss that recline option!
Best Double Stroller I've Seen By
January 1, 2004
I've owned 3 double strollers and have tried dozens of them. This thing is fantastic. I've owned it 3 months and use it several times a week. It is not for everyone though. Good Points: *Light *Folds very compactly *maneuvers like a single stroller, (It's the only one I've used that does) *seats 3-month-olds to 4-year-olds comfortably *narrow *adjustable handles work very well for me at 5'3" and my husband at 6' Bad Points: *Doesn't fit a carseat(not even if you try hard!) *Needs a bag in back or bigger basket *Front seat doesn't recline and back doesn't recline far enough for a newborn infant If you've ever muscled a double stroller with 2 heavy toddlers you would know that maneuverability is key and this has it. I even let my six year old ride in the front (uncomfortably) with relative ease in turning. It folds so compactly, even more so than most singles. The adjustable foot rest button did break but I took it back to Target, without the box, and they gave me a new one. I've had no problem with the new one I would reccomend this to anyone.
We'll never have to buy another car seat again! By
January 1, 2004
The weight range on this seat is awesome, something like 20 - 100 lbs., which was a necessity for us because our son outgrew his carrier when he was 6-months old. It has three tilt adjustments, so he can recline when he is sleepy, and sit straight up to to look out the window when he's awake. I like it because it matches my car interior ( = It's also totally safe with a 5-point harness that I have problems operating, so I know my little guy won't be able to escape! The harness is great though, it allows you to completely loosen the straps each time your child exits the seat, so it's easier to get them out. I use the LATCH system to secure it to my car. It is really easy to install, and it stays tight. The downfall is it took me 15 minutes to dismantle the entire thing the first time I washed the cover, and my husband spent 30 minutes trying to put it all back together. The uni-strap is a great idea, but if it gets twisted, I have a hard time adjusting it. I know that despite it's downfalls, this seat was a great buy. We'll never have to buy another car seat again!
Bassinet doesn't lock completely By
April 10, 2008
This is a nice looking bassinet, and although the rocking feature is nice, when you lock it to stop the rocking...it still slightly rocks and this was bad as our son was 3 months and would occasionally fall to one side and not be able to move back from the wall of the bassinet.
Nice bassinet, but dimensions are incorrect By
October 25, 2009
This bassinet seems very sturdy and was easy to put together. Our little one is not born yet, so we don't know yet how it will ultimately work out. We were a bit disappointed though, because the product description listed that the sheets should be 16 x 32. We therefore falsely assumed that the mattress would also be in those dimensions. We ordered a different mattress, but had to send it back, because the actual dimensions of this bassinet are 28.7 by 15.7. 16 x 32 is therefore way too long. Just wanted to warn others to not make the same mistake. We will now go ahead and use the mattress that comes with the bassinet.

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