Eddie Bauer

May 26, 2009
We just bought a Portable Hook on Chair. We like the idea of the product because our granddaughter can use it when she visit us which is everyday. The problem is the strap is much too tight. We adjusted it as far as it would go but it still is too tight. Our granddaughter is 7 mos. old and wieghts 18 lbs. So we know it is not too small for her. Is there anything you can suggest we do? Right now I am using one of my husbands tie as a safety strap. We really do like the product. It is just what we were looking for.
Almost perfect! By
January 1, 2004
Super lightweight and easy to push compared to the typical double. I wish it had room for an infant car seat though! Also I've had a lot of trouble folding it. The front foot rest gets caught all the time. It's really small when folded but very long. Over all a best buy, you can't have everything in one stroller!
a gift By
November 23, 2010
I just recieved this today from my mom and i love it. The only reason y i give it 4 stars is because for this price you would think they would at least throw in the batteries, also the mobile is not mobile you have to manually turn the knob for the teddy bears to move. Other than that assembly was a piece of cake no tools neccessary.
consumer reports recommends By
November 13, 2006
I recently did a lot of research and found this seat to be the ONLY carseat/booster (combination seat) which consumer reports recommends AFTER crash testing. They had a problem with the seat belts slipping in the booster seat mode in the 2004 model, but were redesigned. Consumer Reports, as I found, is the only independant organization which does crash testing, except the government.Cons Rep. also recommends the Cosco Summit high back booster, but the Eddie Bauer did a little better in crash testing. So rest assured, if you are using a newer model of this seat. I plan to purchase one as a second seat.
They thought of everything! By
January 1, 2004
My son fell asleep every time we put him in the car. When he outgrew his carrier, we went with this model and loved it! I found it very easy to use and could reach back from the front seat and recline him (when in the forward position) with no trouble! I would never consider anything that didn't have the 5 point harness system and while it does take an extra minute to buckle them in, it's well worth it for the protection. Removing the cover for washing is a breeze so cleaning is easy. He has moved on now to the booster seat which doesn't have as many features..we sure miss that recline option!
November 10, 2007
I love it! This seat really grows with your child. I would recommend it to anyone! I would recommend a carrier from 5-20 lbs, then this seat from then on. It's worth it's price in gold.
Positive Review By
January 18, 2010
It is a splendid car seat at an excellent price!
Great! By
January 1, 2004
daughter loves it. its very comfy, and very secure , not a problem so far.
no problems By
June 15, 2008
i've installed this gate at the top of our stairway without any problems. the important part is to have the gate secure at both ends, not into sheetrock but studs or other to support the gate and the child pushing against it. openning the gate isnt easy but i don't want it to be. been using it for a few years now.
Great Chair By
March 10, 2008
Looks good, both with and without the fabric cover. VERY stable, too.

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