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November 19, 2006
I bought the booster seat because we travel to friends and families and needed a seating with back support. The leg extension rarely needs to be used. A great find. My only dislike is the fastners. They are plastic. I used it two times before one broke.
Great Buy! By
January 4, 2011
Excited about the purchase! Great price, timely shipping. good value
Long lasting! By
February 25, 2008
We bought this car seat for our now 3 year old and we just moved him to a larger seat due to his height (42 inches tall). We have moved our 5 month old son into this one and we still love it! It is nice and large so I feel that my childern are extra safe it it. Other reviews complain about the straps, but they are not a big deal - all car seat straps will twist! Oh and all babies heads will slump over when they sleep - no biggie. We recommend this seat to all of our "new parent" friends and they love it too! 5 STARS! :)
Very Happy By
September 23, 2008
I am very pleased with the car seat I ordered.
I have two one year old grandchildren who are different sizes so I was happy with the front adjustment control. Good service and very soft seat with lots of cushion.
Nice travel system - highly recomended By
January 1, 2004
I got this Eddie Bauer Travel system from Baby R Us in December 2003 for $200 USD. Pros: well built, sturdy, big storage basket, good paddings, multi-recline positions, big wheels with suspensions on all wheels, stroller is folded in a upright position, so you don't have to bend down to pick it up. Stroller has locking mechanisms when folded or unfoled. Cons: stroller alone weights 23 lbs (little heavy!). Stroller folded dimension: 24' x 37' x 18'. Make sure you have enough space in your car trunk. Overall: Highly recommended this travel system. I am happy with it. Tips: To unfold this system can be tricky, here is the tip. Use one hand to push the baby tray toward (to loosen up the locking mechanism) and use the other hand to press on the release button (red button) on the handling bar to unfold the stroller. Update: After 1-year of using this travel system, my wife and I are still happy with it. It is a well-built system.
great high chair! By
May 3, 2008
This high chair is the best. Easy to use and very durable. Easily removable, washable cushion. Extras are also available for purchase from the manufacturer(see owner's manual). I have used this for 3 years now for two boys and just love it. This chair is also easy to clean. The removable piece on the feeding tray is great. Enables you to wash it just like a plate,in the sink or dishwasher. Some people don't like the fact that this chair does not recline. However, as a nurse, I must say that a baby really shouldn't be eating solid food yet if they cannot slightly sit up with a little support. Can you swallow safely reclining?? This chair also looks nice with our decor!
Great Car Seat By
December 15, 2010
I ordered this car seat and we liked it so much, we ordered it for my husband's truck. Very easy to install, and my son seems to be enjoying his new seat! :) Plus, the price was awesome!!!!
Grandma of 6 By
September 22, 2009
I bought this carseat to put between two regular carseats in my Escape (there is not much room, and the width was listed as 9 inches wide for the carseat!). When it arrived today and I measured it, it measured 13 inches wide across the seat! There is no way this carseat will fit between the two other carseats; and Ohio's law says we have to have a booster for kids under 8 years of age. I don't know who measured this seat, but I ordered it particularly because of the measurments listed, and now will have to return it. I need a seat that measures no more than 11 inches in width, and this almost fit the bill. It is a huge thing, comfortable looking, but it is not for us. I was very disappointed as BabyAge is usually right on target with anything I order!
EB Wooden High Chair Tray By
November 9, 2007
Great looking high chair but be aware that a design change eliminated the 2-swing out parent trays that used to be included. You can not order them separately either.

You do get the big main tray and there is a permanently affixed snack tray that is undernead the main tray.
Not for bucket babies... By
January 1, 2004
This is a great car seat! We borrowed an infant seat from a friend for our daughter's first two weeks, but disliked it because she slouched down, her head flopped over, and the straps didn't seem to secure her very well. Then we tried this seat and were very pleased. She is secure and well supported in this seat. The strap covers and head support kept her head from flopping over, even when she slept. This seat is definitely not for bucket babies who are kept in their car seats for hours on end whether they're near an automobile or not. If you actually like holding your baby, this car seat is for you! We needed to use a blanket under the front of the base to make sure the angle was correct in both our cars (Neon and Intrepid). Unfortunately, there is no angle indicator to tell you if the seat is at 40 degrees. Because the seat is hard to move in and out of the Neon, we bought two. The Eddie Bauer fabric is soft and is good for summer and winter. My daughter doesn't get the sweats in this model as much as the regular Alpha Omega model, which has different fabric. The side pockets are handy for toys and supplies. The seat is well padded and seems comfortable. The best feature is that the straps are so easy to adjust each time you use the seat, which is important in spring and fall when clothing bulk varies from day to day. They do twist easily, but are easily untwisted. The top part of the five point harness buckles/snaps together so you don't have to keep inserting/removing the strap from the strap holder like you do on some models. Very easy to get baby in and out! As baby grows, the harness height is easy to adjust. Our daughter is now 8 months old and the seat is holding up well.

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