Eddie Bauer

Great Stroller for the Money! By
August 17, 2009
Eddie Bauer 3-in-1 Car Seat - Good concept By
January 1, 2004
Our son grew out of his infant seat in 2 months but was not strong enough to support his neck so off we went looking for a new convertible car seat. The selection is huge so it pays to do some research before going into your local shop. After a huge amount of research and reading reviews, we decided on the Cosco Alpha Omega/Eddie Bauer 3-1 car seat. We had to consider cost, availability in our area, and safety. Everyone seems to agree that Britax is the best brand out there but for the money, I have no problems suggesting the Eddie Bauer. Important Features that this car seat has. 1) Five point harness 2) Adjustment of shoulder strap height without having to unthread the straps 3) Excellent feel of material 4) highly rated for safety by many authorities 5) LATCH compatible with EXCELLENT clips to attach the harness straps - this is really important since we tried some not so good LATCH compatible car seats. 6) Rear facing compatible up to 35lbs 7) as its name implies 3 car seats in one Some things that they could improve 1) Straps twist like crazy 2) Adjusting the tension of the shoulder straps is pretty difficult in the rear facing position but once set, its easy to get the baby in and out of the seat with the proper tension maintained. 3) A little more expensive than most car seats
with the twins this is a WONDERUL stroller! By
November 5, 2006
Unfortunatly for me, I didnt get this stroller until after my girls were one. So I didnt have a chance to try out the option of it holding 2 carseats. But they love the fact that the front seat turns around and they can play with each other.
The basket on it is a little hard to work with because it has a small opening on the back and you cant really put anything in it without alot of pushing and pulling. (like a pack of diapers! forget about it!)
Other than that I think it steers really well and in no heavier and bulkier than any other tandem stroller that I have used.
I love the 5 point harness on the stroller it seems to be the only way to keep my girls in there! They are able to stand right up with just the lap belt strollers. (and they love to do it!) so the extra saftey there is nice!
so all and all i just love this stroller and would recommend it to anyone.
I think works just fine...SAFETY is more important to me than anyt By
January 1, 2004
Nice travel system - highly recomended
Love it!! By
January 1, 2004
We love our eddie bauer car seat!!! It is easy to travel with and the matching stroller are always complemented on. It is simple to keep clean and our three year old has the matching booster car seat.
Great product & Price! By
April 8, 2008
Nice looking, made well and you can't beat the price!
it is cute By
April 19, 2008
the first time i put my little girl in it she said mommy i stuck
January 1, 2004
First of all I love the lock on it. It keeps it very sturdy and in place. It is a little heavy but what did you expect, all car seats have a little weight to them. I have never had a problem with the straps or the canopy. Overall, I love the car seat and the matching stroller, but I guess it is not for everyone.
Excellent quality, good value... By
November 15, 2006
I purchased the Fisher Price Space Saver before I ordered this one. I tried it out and just didn't like it. The thing was made out of plastic and was very wobbly. My one year old daughter is a big girl at 25lbs and when the tray is on the most extended setting it was really unsturdy. I returned it. I purchased this one and was sooooo pleased with it. It is made out durable wood and is extremely sturdy. The tray stays put even on the most extended setting. The height adjustments are nice and the fabric is a lot more "elegant" than other high chairs on the market. The wood matches my kitchen, it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb the way our stand up high chair (Fisher Price Healthy Care Aquarium) did. It is really compact and slim, not bulky at all. You can't beat the price. I think it is a great product. The only drawback is the fact that it doesn't recline but honestly I had one that did and NEVER used it.
just traded this one By
March 5, 2009
Pros. Great canopies. Trays are nice. Kids love to face each other and I like the option so no one is kicking the other. Fabric is great- stains always come right out. Cons- Is difficult to push- Extremely heavy to lift. Definately can't do it and hold onto a kid. But my big one was it would not fit width wise in the back of my SUV- had to fold down 3rd row longwise. Way to bulky. Changed to Compass- much lighter- and more compact. Both fit a carrier.

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