Eddie Bauer

no problems By
June 15, 2008
i've installed this gate at the top of our stairway without any problems. the important part is to have the gate secure at both ends, not into sheetrock but studs or other to support the gate and the child pushing against it. openning the gate isnt easy but i don't want it to be. been using it for a few years now.
I Love It By
October 12, 2007
I bought this car seat for my sister 3 years ago and she loved it she was even able to use it with her daughter she had in july of this year.So when I found it here I had to jump on it and it was $50 cheaper than the one I bought my sister.
The only carseat you need besides the infant carrier! By
January 1, 2004
It really is a great carseat! I bought 3 of them because I liked how it had every feature that I was looking for in other carseats. Such as cupholder,reclining seat,soft material thats unisex,arm rests that move out of the way if wanted,multi age use,highest weight limit of all the seats I have seen and also the 5 point harness system. Depending on where you go will depend on what patterns they carry.I have only seen 2 patterns the blue plaid and then the tan and brown one like I have.It is very easy to install in our conversion van as we have captains chairs and then also a bench seat in the back where one of the seats is.As far as cleaning goes you just slip off the back that slides up and down and then the material that is around the rest of the carseat.Usually I make my hubby do all the removals on carseats cause I forget where things go or how they go,but I was able to do this all by myself! I have a 2 1/2 yr old,a 5 yr old and a 3 month old.The 3 month old will go into the carseat when he reaches the 22lb marker.It was the only carseat we have ever used that kids didn't get uncomfortable in when traveling to far places.We used it on our trip to Florida and didn't have any complaints about them being uncomfortable!The fact that its the only carseat that can recline no matter how its used is one of the reasons its more comfortable.The only bad thing I have to say about this carseat is that at first the buckle on it is tricky to figure out but once you do it 3 times its no biggie.The tether straps do get twisted too which as times has frustrated me to no end! But with all the other features its not one that would make me want to get another carseat as I have tried others and they had more than just those negatives.My children being comfortable and their safety is what matters most to me!
Best Seat By
March 1, 2007
I bought this seat for my son when he was a year old. He is now 3 years old and it is time to replace his seat. I have gone to every store and looked at car seats...I still have not found one I liked more then this one. I like this one so much I am buying it again!!!
Great!!! By
September 18, 2006
I bought this carseat for my son three years ago and have had no problems. It's easy to clean and easy to install if done correctly. This seat was involved in a car crash and protected my son. For that reason, I will be buying another one just like it.
new bedford,ma By
August 29, 2007
I'm not due until October but I already bought this and I love it!
This is a must have! Forget about the Traditional Highchair! By
July 17, 2009
Get rid of the clutter in your kitchen. Tell everyone just to get this booster. It works well as highchair using the tray or remove the tray and push it up to the table. I have had one for 3 1/2 years and just bought 2 more for my sister's twins! It is a must have in my book.
Love it By
February 9, 2010
It is great. looks very comfy. my 8 month old loves it. very easy to adjust. and install
I Love By
June 5, 2008
I think it's very solid and works as good as an Eddie Bauer can, if put together correctly.
Beautiful color and really classy.
Reasonable No-Frills High Chair By
January 1, 2004
Only buy this chair if you're sure you don't care about having adjustable height and recline features. If those aren't important to you, this is a great chair.

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