Much better then what I thought By
October 17, 2009
Wow is all that I really say, I mean yes it is nice looking on line but how many times have you got something off line and it is nothing like what you seen... This is really nice and the dresser is much bigger then what I thought it was going to be. The dresser gave my husband and father in-law a run for there money but they got it geather. Very good pick!!
I wouldn't recommended it By
January 1, 2004
I brought this bed for my daughter when she was two years old because she loves Dora, however the assembly for this bed is really lousey. Instead of having a solid foundation the bed comes with six little poles that you have to insert into another part of the bed. Whenever she would jump or even the slightlest little movement one or two of these poles would come out and her mattress would fall down. I stop using the bed because I was afraid that the mattress would fall down while she was asleep. The bed is very cute, but I wouldn't recommend it.
So far so good By
June 29, 2009
We haven't used it yet as the baby is not due for 8 more weeks, but so far it is great. It is a bright white, exactly what we wanted; the assembly was very easy; I like having a drawer under and it looks very nice. The only downside is that the side does not lower and the highest setting on the adjustable mattress seems very low to me.
Great rocker By
May 17, 2011
Love it!
Very Nice & Sturdy By
February 19, 2010
My friend & her husband bought this same model/ brand of crib for their 1st child born in Sept 09. They purchased theirs from Target in the Cherry finish. After I saw it in her home I loved it. The curves of the sleigh style make it more comfortable reaching in to get baby than those drop side, rib hitting ones. (Not to mention the recall on that style) My husband & I both agreed to get a sleigh style crib in an esspresso/ brown finish. This one was the best looking and most resonable one we found, plus we had seen our friend's & knew it was a good product. The finish we wanted was difficult to find and baby age had it so we ordered from here. When we recieved the box at home it wasdaamaaged i a couple of places & had been retaped. I was fearrfull it was goinng to be damaged. It only had one scratch in the finis ((very smll) and we used a brown sharpie to fill it in & you eould never know! It took about an hour to put together (including unpacking), was not too dificult (I read directions & lended a hand when needed) while hubby put together), & is VERY sturdy! The color is great & the finish has a nice shine to it. Now all we have to do is order a materess & wait for our 1st baby to arrive in April :) PS we bought the Today's Baby Charlotte Combo Changer - Finish Espresso also from baby age- the finishes do not match, the changer is a lesser quality of product (thank goodness baby doesn't sleep in it- see my product review for it for more) but unless you have the two side by side it is not as noticiable, we overlooked the differences in the finish, we have had them in the baby's room for a month now & they look good.
Perfect for grandparents By
September 12, 2008
Exactly what we needed. We did replace the unacceptable mattress that came with it. Now our 16 month old grand daughter sleeps very comfortably in it.
Looks nice, good for the money By
January 23, 2010
Nice item, looks cute in our nursery. I am pretty sure it will do the job for the next couple of years. It is sturdey enough. The hubby complained a lit bit about the assembly but overall it wasn't too bad. The item arrived well packaged and fast enough (like 6 days, I think)
VERY Pleased By
May 16, 2010
The crib is slightly darker than picture suggests but it actually worked out perfectly in our log home nursery! Was very pleased with the quality of this purchase for such an affordable price and it was extremely EASY to put together! I only wish the top mattress adjustment notch was higher (highest adjustment currently puts included mattress at only 18" off the ground). Other than that, I am very pleased with this crib!
great design.. missing a part though! By
January 8, 2010
Love teh size and color. Only problem is that we were sent 2 of the same piece so the top left drawer will not close all the way. Called manufacturer and they said that this modle was built in 2007 and they would have to check and make sure they still had the availiable pieces. if not then i would have to contact baby age.... so we will see.. it is a beautiful changer and there is alot of storage!
Just Perfect for Grandparents!! By
July 24, 2009
I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am with this product! My husband put it together immediately, and I was struck by how nice it was for the price. Good quality. It's adorable. Great for Grandma's house! Very, very pleased with this crib, and especially like the two mattress positions. Thanks for a great, affordable product!!! Would heartily recommend to friends.

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